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There is no set fee for a repo. I charged 375.00 per car if it was a good address. 150.00 and up if i had to locate the car. and 1.00 per mile both ways. so a repo could cost 375.00 to 1500.00 easy.

This varies by state, company, and voluntary repo vs involuntary repo.

I have paid up to 250.00 to have a car taken when the person didn't want to give it up, plus other fees to try to find them, but I have paid 75.00 to have a guy knock on the door and tell the person they were there to repo the car and the person gave it up. Basically just a tow bill.

One repossession company in San Diego charges as follows. This is for repo and for impound. $75 for hookup $75 for leaving property $35 per day for storage including day picked up $75 extra if picked up on weekend.

so, if your car is impounded on a Friday afternoon, and you pick it up Saturday morning, you are charged: $75 for hookup $75 for leaving property $70 for storage including day picked up $75 pickup on weekend $295 total. and they had the car less than 24 hours.

Car Repossession AnswerThis is how much I was charged from the Repo company in Pittsburg in California.

Repossesion fee : $350.00 Storage fee(14 days) : $280.00 Vehicle clean out fee : 25.00 Storage Fee for 2 b: $30.00

Total $ 825.00

They came 3 o'clock inthe morning to repo and I gave them a key.

They did not ask me to clean up my personal belongings. Since there were no important belongings in the car, we did not think about removing those.

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Q: What is the average cost to repossess a car?
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