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Q: What is the average force a person can pull a rope with?
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How do rope and pulley change the force of an item?

A rope and pulley lessen the force needed to pull an item, but it increases the distance that you have to pull it. It also changes the direction that it moves: you pull the rope down, the item goes up.

When do you use the forces of push and pull?

You use these forces when you have to push a car to the gas station. You use the force pull when you have to pull a rope.

This 2000 N weight is raised 1 meter by pulling 4 meters of rope What force was required to pull the rope?

500 N

A certain rope will break when a force of more than 800 N is exerted on it two men pull on the rope in oppositedirection with a force of 500 N eachWill the rope break?

The breaking strength of the rope has to be stated in terms of the "tension" in the rope, and that has to be the 800N quoted here. If the ends of the rope are pulled in oppposite directions with a force of 500N on each end, then the tension in the rope at any point is 1000N, and yes, it will break.

Is tension a push or pull force?

Tension (often found in a pulley system) is a pulling force found in rope. This will work in 2 directions.

Why does a rope climber pull downward on the rope to move upward?

The climber is actually pulling downwards on the rope. S/he is trying to pull the rope down or out of the ceiling but cannot do so. If you think of the climber just hanging there the rope has a tension upwards to counter the weight of the climber. If you are to move up then equilibrium must be broken and the net force on the climber must be up so the rope pulls the climber upwards. Of course, this pull is to do with action and reaction but the effect is the same.

If Two horses pull againts a rope with forces 100 newtons in opposite directions this is an example of?

Balanced Force.

What would happen if two tug of war teams were pulling at the different force?

When you pull on the rope, the side with the most force will win.

What is the reaction force to you pulling on a rope?

the force of tension in the rope, which is delivered to the object to which the opposite end of the rope is attached

How would you measure the force needed to lift 50kg of shingles onto a roof using a pulley?

50 kg (on Earth) weighs about 110 pounds. If you're using a simple, singlepulley with a rope passing over it, then that's the pull you need on the rope tolift the bundle of shingles. If you're using a block and tackle arrangement ofmultiple pulleys, then you'll get away with much less pulling force on the rope,but you'll have to pull the rope much farther.

A rope is attached to a ceiling and is used to support a 200 pound person. is the tension force on the ceiling larger or smaller than the tension force acting on a person?

They are equal.

How does make work easier?

A simple example is to imagine you're sitting on a swing attached to a rope and the rope goes up over a pully attached to the ceiling and back down. You could pull down on the other end of the rope to pull yourself up. It turns out the force you pull down with is only half of your weight, and it is actually pretty easy! My first year physics prof did this demo and pulled himself up 30ft to the ceiling in a large classroom. Why is it easy? If you look at the forces on the pully in isolation, the force pulling up on it must be equal to your weight (call this force W). There are two downward forces from the two ends of the rope hanging down which must balance the upward force. When you're not accelerating the forces on the ends of the rope are equal. Let the rope forces equal R. You get the following equaltion: W = 2R R = W/2