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For CQB arenas, the limit is usually 350, but some will allow 400. Outdoor field usually let 400 fps go for AEG's and then 500 for snipers. Check the fields rules and website though, because every field and manager are different

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Q: What is the average fps limit in airsoft arenas?
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What does fps limit mean Fps maximum or minimum airsoft based For example the fps limit on the GF Arena is 350 FPS Should I go higher or lower?

350 or lower

Is 500 fps slow or fast?

For and airsoft gun. Yes that is 200 fps over the CQB limit

What fps is a M3000 airsoft shotgun?

280 fps

Is 300 FPS good for a AEG M85A1 good?

The answer depends on if you are using .2 gramm or other ammunition, but yes that is the average fps for a moderate airsoft gun.

Is 1500 too much fps for an air soft gun?

that is way to hot for any airsoft field. my fields limit on snipers is 550 fps and you still cant shoot people within a 75 yard radius. if your just shooting targets its fine but if you want to actually play airsoft downgrade it. Theres no way your airsoft gun shoots at 1500 fps, the strongest airsoft gun i ever saw shot at about 550 and it was upgraded, i know some shoot close to 800 fps but those ones cost like 2 000$.

What is the fps of an airsoft Thompson?

it depends what kind?

How many fps does a c02 propelled airsoft gun pellet fly?

Well, the legal FPS for an airsoft gun is 450, but you can get snipers, AEG's, etc. that run up to 600 FPS and beyond.

Which airsoft gun should you get a spring ak47 fps-300 airsoft gun or a m14 spring sniper rifle fps 390 airsoft gun?

go for the m14, unless its cheap looking.

What fps is crosman stinger re4 tactical airsoft rifle clear?

360 fps

How much fps does the well mb06 sr 2 airsoft gun have?

It has 450 fps

What fps is good for an airsoft beginner?

300fps- 400

What is a good fps for an airsoft gun?

300 to 375