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I'm not sure what the average is, but I'm a junior. That score is above grade level.. So.. I am guessing that the average grade level is 12 or 13?

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Q: What is the average grade for a lexile of 1327?
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Is 1200 a good lexile for a 12th grader?

Actually, that is just average. I am in 7th grade and I got a 1450.

What does a lexile score of 1155 mean for a 5th grader?

"There are at a high school lexile score! so basically... it's great!" Well, I'm not sure about that(I'm in 6th grade and my Lexile is 1540), but it's above average for sure, so good job! :)

What is the lexile of mark of Athena?

The Lexile measure for "The Mark of Athena" by Rick Riordan is 660L.

What is the lexile of the book thirteen reasons why?

550 is the lexile level. this was an easy book because most teens have an average lexile level of 1000

What grade level is a lexile of 1000?

A Lexile measure of 1000 generally corresponds to a reading level around the end of 6th grade or the beginning of 7th grade. This measurement indicates the level at which a reader is expected to comprehend text with some challenge but still within their grasp.

What is the lexile score age10?

A lexile score for students in fifth grade is 800 so I guess any score above that is good. If you are below, you can always catch up!

What reading level is Hatchet?

Scholastic books level it at grade 6.3, or lexile 1020.

What is the lexile level for the book Stuart Little?

3.9 (Third grade, ninth month)

What is the average lexile for reading for a 7th grader?

The Average is around 800- 1200

What is the lexile of naruto book 9?

The Lexile level for Naruto Book 9 is approximately 700L. This means the book is suitable for readers at around a 5th-grade reading level.

What is he lexile score for te story Hoot?

The lexile score for the book "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen is 610L. This level is generally considered suitable for readers around the 4th-5th grade level.

What is lexile?

its a measure of reading level based on vocabulary and sentence structure comprenhension, vs a grade level measure. For example i am in eighth grade and have a lexile of 1499, which is approx junior/senior in college or grad school. if that was based on grade level i would just post high school, so this is much more helpful