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What is the average height and weight of an NFL linebacker?


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Answer- Check out the link belowAverage size 6'2" 247. Currently the NFL has linebackers from 5'10"-6'5" weighing from 230-270.
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The Average weight and height of a NFL linebacker is 6'2 and 235 lbs hardest players in the GAME!

Avg. Middle linebacker - 6 ft. 0 in. in the NFL.

The average height of a NFL QB is 6'3". The average weight of a NFL QB is 230 pounds.

The average height is 6'4" and weight is 290 lbs

After doing all the research, from what I can tell the average height and weight of an NFL wide receiver its apprmox. 6'2 and roughly 205lbs.

doesnt matter how much you weight, but on average they weight around 235 lbs - ish

The adverage middle linebacker runs about a 5.20

there is no requirement but the average is about 6'7...300 lbs...

More than twice his weight.

The average height and weight of a CFL player is 6 feet 1-inch tall and 228 pounds. The average height and weight of a player in the NFL is 6 feet 1.5 inches and 245 pounds.

The average height of a NFL DT is about 6' 3''

the average weight of an NFL receiver is 194

The average size of an NFL strong safety is approximately 6'0", 205, give or take an inch and 5 pounds.

The Average height of an NFL CB is about 5'11", give or take 1/2".

The average height for an NFL player is approximately 5'11. The tallest NFL player was 6'9, while the shortest NFL player was 5'3.

The Largest Linebacker in the NFL is Believed to Be Sean Merriman of the San Diego Chargers at 6'4 272 lbs he is the largest linebacker in the nfl today.

In the NFL, over 6 feet and over 200lbs.

The current average is 5'11" 215lbs The NFL currently has running backs ranging 5'6"-6'4" weighing from 185-260

average weight of an nfl running back is about 215 pounds

the average height of an NFL player can vary, some may be 5'10 while others could be 6'8

I believe the answer you are looking for is Larry Izzo at 5'10". ----------------------------- Actually, it's Buster Davis. 5'9".

The average weight of an nfl tight end is 230-250 pounds.

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