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The average height of a 3-month-baby is around 23 in.

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the average height should be 26 inches long of 6 months old baby

Of course, the height of a 9 month old baby can vary. However, the average is usually 30-33 inches in height.

The Average Height Of A Baby Penguin Is The Size Of Ab Human Baby! The Biggest A Penguin Can Be Is Up To About 2-3ft. Tall (Remember..iSaid ABOUT;)

average height of 13 months baby boy?

At 10 months:The average height = 26-28 inches.

15 to 21 inches The average height of the newborn baby depends on his or her gender. To compute for your baby's height percentile, you need to mention the birth date, gender and your baby's height, so you can have an accurate findings based on WHO Growth Chart.

An average 16-month-old baby boy is about 34 inches tall.

it depends, some were the size of an average man, and some were as small as a newborn baby

The average height of a baby meerkat is 2.15 metres!

The historical average height of an average height is 5'9.

Average male height: 1.75 Average female height: 1.63

The correct height of a 6 month baby is probably 72 foot and cos im nice il tell u the correct weight which is 345 stone =-)

It depends on the age but after a couple months of birth it can be about 1.5 metres tall.

A healthy baby ranges from 17-26 pounds, and 27.6-31.5 inches.

there is no average height of an Indian it is like saying what is an average height of a white or black person there is not an answer

The Average Height for a Teen is 5'6

The average female Height is about 5'4

The average height is about 6 feet

about 5'10" is the average height

the average height is 5' 5"

You cannot have a minimum average height.