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What is the average height of an NFL fullback or halfback?

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The average height of a NFL Halfback (HB) is around 5'9"-5'11".

The average height of a NFL Fullback is around 6'2"-6'5".

NFL Half-Back's average height is dependent on their running style. There are speed backs, feature backs and power backs.

Speed backs are known for their speed obviously, and their agility to dodge and maneuver around tackles (some notable examples are Willie Parker and Chris Johnson). Speed backs are usually between 5'7" and 5'11", and between 180lbs and 205lbs. Prototypically 5'9", 195lbs.

Feature backs are known for there balance of agility and power. They're considered the best type of Half-Back in the league. They're known to be able to easily dodge tackles while still being able to break one when necessary, and some even may be able to easily burn (or outrun) defenders (some notable examples are Adrian Peterson and Ladainian Tomlinson). Feature backs are usually no smaller than 5'9", naturally between 5'10" and 6'1", and between 200lbs and 230lbs. Prototypically 5'11"/6', 223lbs.

Power backs are known for their sheer strength on the field, and their ability to push the line and break open field tackles with ease (some notable examples are Steven Jackson and *retired Jerome Bettis). Power backs are usually between 5'11" and 6'3", and between 220lbs and 245lbs. Prototypically 6'1", 238lbs.

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