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800 kg / hectare

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What is the average GM maize yield per hectare?

I don't know what the world average is, but the US average is around 8,800 kilograms per hectare for the grain yield.

What is the average yield of potatoes under irrigation per hectar?

The average potato yield per hectare is 14-19 tonnes per hectare. The variety of potato and climate can have an effect on yield.

How many tonnes of maize does a hectare produce?

Average corn yield for the farms in 2012 to 2014 was 7.85 metric tons per hectare (125 bushels per acre). Average farm yields ranged from approximately 5.79 metric tons per hectare for one of the Brazilian farms (92 bushels per acre) to 10.75 metric tons per hectare for the Iowa farm (171 bushels per acre).

What is the average yield of wheat per acre in the UK?

According to DEFRA, the average yield in 2007 was about 7.2 tonnes per hectare (2.9 tonnes per acre). In 2006 it was 8.0 tonnes per hectare (3.2 tonnes per acre).

What is the average yield of US soybeans?

The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.92 tonnes/hectare. The figures for 2011 are slightly lower, at 43.0 bushels/acre or 2.89 tonnes/hectare. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the US average soybean yield for the period 2006 through 2011 was 42.22 bushels per acre.

What is average yield of rice per hac in India?

India's crop yield per hectare is much lower than the global average, according to UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). Water shortage, lack of availability of high-yield varieties of seeds and lack of research and development has been quoted as the primary reason behind the low per-hectare yield of crops in India.

What is the average yield of rice per acre in Thailand?

About 2.88 metric tons per hectare, according to the USDA.

What is the yield of soybean per hectare?

The top 20 countries have a yield of over 37 bushels (of 60 pounds each) per acre, or 2.3 tonnes per hectare.The U.S. average yield for 2010 was 46.6 bushels/acre or 2.9 tonnes/hectare.The best country, Turkey, produced an average of 58.7 bushels/acre or 3.7 tonnes/hectare.The record belongs to a farmer in Missouri who produced an average of 100 bushels/acre over a 300 acres plantation in 2010, and reached 160 bushels/acre on a specially irrigated field.Roughly 50, but it depends on the variety and environmental factors

What is the world record Wheat yield per hectare?

15.36 Tonnes per hectare. Mike Solari, New Zealand

What is advantage of palm oil?

Average Palm Oil Yield is 4080 KG / hectare / year which is the highest among all type of oils. Source = Oil World 2009

What is an average yield for rice?

what is the average yield of rice?

What is the yield of rice per acre?

World average - about 4 tonnes per hectare, world record - about 10. Yield is complicated by the fact that 2 crops per year is common, and 3 are possible under ideal weather and field conditions. Crop scientists estimate a realistic maximum for the "perfect" hybrid variety at over 20 tonnes per hectare.

Average yield of corn?

Average corn yield dating back to 1970

What is the average vegetable yield per acre in India?

National average yield of vegetable in India

What is the average yield of wheat per acre in Pakistan?

The average yield of wheat in Pakistan is 960kg per acre.

What is the carrying capacity of grazing maize?

That all depends on where you live, the yield of the corn crop, and how large of an area you want your animals to graze.

How many tons in 1 hectare of coconut?

You are mixing two unrelated units here. Tons are a way of measuring weight and hectares are a way of measuring area. You can't say how many tons are in a hectare.If you are asking about the yield of coconuts per hectare of coconut plantation then this is possible but the answer to the question would depend on location, age of trees and other variables.

What has the author K Subedi written?

K. Subedi has written: 'Assessment of the major yield limiting constraints of maize production at Lumle condition.'

What is the average wheat crop yield per acre in Afghanistan?

The average yield per acre of wheat in Afghanistan, is 1600 k to 1800 gs, in irrigated crops, this is my personal experience, This yield is given in Ghazni province. If any one you have better information about the average yield per acre of wheat then kindly share that with me, I will be thankful to you.

What is the average yield of wheat per acre in Tennessee?

Tennessee's average wheat yield for the period 2006 through 2011 was 56.8 bushels per acre.

How could weeds reduce the yield of maize?

because plants need light and space to be able to grow if there are weeds there then there is no space and they steal all the light, they can effectively choke a plant to death i they are so riddled with weeds. Weeds compete with other plants for nutrients from the soil. Weeds in a maize crop would take nutrients the maize needs.

What are the main objectives of national jute policy?

increasing its productivity, improving quality ,ensuring good pricesto farmers , increasing yield per hectare by amitha vaav is great

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