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the average pay rate of a pro athlete is about 100000

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Q: What is the average pay rate of a pro athlete?
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How much does an average pro athlete pay in taxes?

That depends on the specific athlete's income as well as how many loopholes their lawyers can find.

How much money does the average professional athlete make in a year?

There is no such thing as an "average" pro athlete.

What is the average pay of professional athletes in the US?

the average amount a pro athlete makes a season is around $29,450 (not evryone can be lebron james and make $20 million)

Who makes more A pro athlete or a law enforcement officer?

Pro Athlete

What are the Chances of becoming pro athlete in baseball?

the chances of becoming a pro athlete in baseball is 1 in a million, literally! you have to be really really really really good to be a pro athlete in baseball

What pro athlete is nicknamed The Dream?

The pro athlete nicknamed The Dr eam is Hakeem Olajuwon.

When was Sporting News Pro Athlete of the Year created?

Sporting News Pro Athlete of the Year was created in 2009.

What was the average pay for a pro boxer in the 1930s?

Due to the Depression, pay for pro boxers was very low. The low pay caused the boxers to lose passion for the sport. Sport boxing was boycotted for lack of money to pay boxers.

Is there a certification or licensing required to be a pro athlete?

Nope, not at all. The only things, required to a be PRO Athlete are mad skills, and a scout who can spot you.

How do you become a Pro. Athlete?

== ==

What are the odds of a high school athlete being a pro athlete?

1 in 50,000

Annual earnings for a pro athlete?

The annual earnings for a pro athlete depend on the sport and the level of skill. More skill players earn more money.

Who is youngest pro triathlete?

If you have a younger sister or brother, they are the youngest pro athlete.

What is the average amount of money that pro soccer players make?

In the US' top pro league the average salary is around $90k annually. For the Premiership (England) pay is around $100k/month.

What is a starting salary for a pro athlete?


What requirements are there to be a pro athlete?

you have to be good at the sport....

What is the gross monthly income of a pro soccer player?

the payment monthly for a pro soccer player is 12,550 monthly (average pay) 4500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000006.76 a day

Do you have to have a college education to be a pro athlete?

No. Certainly a college education would be of help once an athlete's career is over but it is not necessary for an athlete to have a college education.

How much do pro athletes get paid to play a sport?

It depends what you play, who you play for, and how good you are. But the average athlete gets somewhere from five thousand to thirty million a year.

Who is the youngest pro athlete ever?

Fredua Koranteng "Freddy" Adu became the youngest pro athlete ever in history. At the age of 14, he was selected by D.C. United in the 2004 MLS SuperDraft.

Highest paid pro athlete 2008?

The highest paid pro athlete in 2008 was Tiger Woods. He earned an estimated 115 million dollar based on PGA tour play, and endoresments.

What pro athlete use LSD?

You mean why?>

What are the Chances of becoming pro athlete in football?

0.008 %

How many people want to be a pro athlete?

A lot!!!

Who was the first black pro athlete?

mia hamm