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the average Video Games played around the world is 690,456 people and people play for at least 2-6hours.

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Q: What is the average playing video games in the world?
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An example of a community on the internet geared toward fun is?

playing video games with other players around the world

How did video games change lives around the world?

it will because people are now getting stuck to their TVs now just cause of video games and people will get violent for playing too much violent games

When was World Series of Video Games created?

World Series of Video Games was created in 2006.

What percentage of people play video games worldwide?

Over 60% of the Western world's population plays video games! 42% of online gamers said they spent at least 4 hours playing games during an average week, compared with 26% of those who don't play online. Worldwide, the percentage would be much less, especially considering that 25% to 30% of the world's population does not have electricity.

Are there over 2000 video games?

yes there are there are 297,678,946.45 video games in the world!

How many video games are in the world?

More than 50,000!! That is a lot of video games!!

I love video games and I was wondering what I should major in college video game programming or video game animation?

you should help create games video games are the best invention in the world and dare i say the educationel games can be good too not only when playing video games you can even change the kind of game to play for eg one day you could be killing zombies next you can be in outer space

What are some opinions on video games?

video games are fun it. their are also competitions all over the world so video games can be a skill

What is games playing?

Going on the world wide web and playing a game there.

What is a Xbox 360 used for?

An Xbox 360 (created by Microsoft) is used for playing video games, watching movies, playing music, fitness and socializing with friends and people around the world.

Will there be a Spyro dragon world and human world video games?

No. There will be no more Spyro games :(

Can you die by video games?

No deaths have ever been directly related to video games. Video games don't kill people. People kill people. actually people can die from video games because of addiction people play to long and they don't eat, sleep,drink or pee, and poop because the game is to fun like world of warcraft