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Prices for refrigerators vary so much its amazing! You can get very cheap ones for less than $400 and get some as high as $10K!!! What affects the price is mainly features such as Frost regulation systems, energy efficiency, capacity and obviously looks!

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You're looking at about a grand for a good one with features such as water and ice in the door. The side-by-sides have the least amount of overall storage, where as the trio styles (french door refrigerator with bottom pull out freezer) are going to have the most space, but also cost the most. Then you get to your traditional top freezer, bottom fridge and visa versa. They use their footprint space the most economically compared to the trio's and side-by-sides. Like I said though, you can get a descent side by side and some pretty good traditionals for at or under $1000. The trio's typically start at ~$1500

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Q: What is the average price of a refrigerator?
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