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What is the average salary of a fashion designer?


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$112,840 yearly is the salery for a dashion designer who has launched there own clothing line 60,089 yearly is for a just designer :)

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they make an average of 18 an hour

with the top earners not included since most are self-employed entrepreneurs.

Fashion Designer Salary Data:

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Fashion Design Salaries by Industry:

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(Base + Bonuses + Benefits = ______)

Base Salary- $44,699

Bonuses- $243

Social Security- $3,438

401k/403b- $1,708

Disability- $449

Healthcare- $6,103

Pension- $2,247

Time off- $5,531

Total Average - $64,419


not good, because the government's department of labor has no control over the fashion field (why they do not regulate is unknown) so the potential earning of a fashion designer is considerably low.

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