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For a fairly new helicopter, around 120 knots.

Around 150 mph, except for fast military helicopters.

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How long is an average helicopter?

What would you call "average". I don't see there is an "average" helicopter, all are different.

How big is the average helicopter?

the average helicopter is 12.5 metres long and 3.0 metres high

How long does a helicopter take to travel 225 miles?

That cannot be calculated without knowing the average speed over that distance.

What is speed of helicopter engine?

There are many different helicopter engines, most of them now jets

What is the cruising speed of cobra helicopter?

Cruising speed is about 150 mph.

What is the speed of a sea king helicopter?

According to the U.S. Navy Fact File the speed of the H-3 Sea King Helicopter is 120Kts.

What levers do on a helicopter?

They change the speed and angle of rotor, and speed of tail propeller.

Why a helicopter falling during auto-rotation could reach a terminal speed without the pilot changing any controls?

The helicopter begins to fall because gravity is pulling its weight. As the helicopter accelerates, the air passing past the helicopter creates drag, as the helicopter continues to accelerate the drag Increases until the drag becomes equal to the weight, stopping it from accelerating. Even if the helicopter did not auto rotate it would still reach a terminal speed, however the terminal speed for the non auto rotating helicopter would be a lot higher and the helicopter would take longer to reach this speed.

What is the speed of a helicopter that traveled 1200 miles in 7 hours?

Its average speed was 1200/7 = 171.4 mph, approx.

Are helicopters faster than formula 1 cars?

Some are, yes, but not all of them. Military attack helicopters tend to be the fastest. The average speed of a formula 1 car is 230 MPH. The average speed of an Apache attack helicopter is 365 MPH.

How does a helicopter turn?

By increasing or decreasing the speed of the tail rotors. This unbalances the torques acting on the helicopter and causes it to spin.

Why do helicopters fly so slow?

What is the limiting factor for helicopter speed you ask? What happens to the rotor as the velocity of the helicopter increases? The relative speed of the tips of the rotors changes because of the wind speed. On the advancing side of the rotor the speed increases by the speed of the helicopter. On the retreating side of the rotor the speed decreases by the speed of the rotor. One of two things happens as the helicopter reaches a high speed: A: If it is a large rotor, the advancing blade will reach the sound barrier and sap energy from the rotor, slowing it. Significant damage may occur to the helicopter. B: If it is a smaller rotor, the retreating blade will slow to the point where stall occurs, and the helicopter will be forced into a turn while losing altitude and decreasing speed, then it will usually recover if altitude permits. Option B can be mitigated by increasing rotor RPM at higher speeds. In this case the rotor speed becomes the limiting factor, as the centrifugal forces at the root of the blade are quite incredible. Carter

How do you hide from helicopter in need for speed most wanted?

Just keep driving around and the helicopter should back off after a while

Can a cobra helicopter break the sound barrier?

No helicopters can break the sound barrier. The fastest speed achieved be a helicopter is 249 mph.

What is the top speed of a Black Hawk helicopter?

The top speed of a Black Hawk helicopter is up to 150 knots. However, in actual operations, the realistic top speed would be 140 knots, equivalent to 161 miles per hour.

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