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It usually is around 40 degrees F.

It usually is around 40 degrees F.

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What is the average temperature in Portland Maine in mid July?

The average temperature in Portland, Maine in mid July is a high of 80 degrees. The average low is 60 degrees in July.

Average temperature in Portland Maine for J anuary 2008?

go to and you can get any historical weather data for portland.

Average daily temperature in September in portland Maine?

do u have to do a comp science project as well

What is the average temperature in Portland Maine in early Oct?

in mid Oct. the high is about 40 45

Where is in Maine the rainiest town?

Portland is the rainiest town in Maine. The average rainfall in Portland is 47.25 inches. The average rainfall for Maine is 47.19 inches.

What is the average snowfall in Portland Maine?


What is seating at Portland Maine expo center?

on average about 5,000 white guys from Maine

When did the british burn the town of portland Maine?

October 16, 1776.

What is further north Portland Or or Portland Maine?

Portland, Oregon, is further north than Portland, Maine.

How many miles between Portland Maine and Greenville Maine?

how far is it from Portland, Maine to Greenville, Maine

Is Portland the capital of Maine?

No, the capital of Maine is Augusta. Portland is the largest city of Maine

What is the average temperature of Maine in the summer?

The average high temperature in Maine in the summer is 79 degrees F. The average low is 59 degrees F.

Which states is Portland in?

There is a Portland, Oregon and a Portland, Maine.

How many miles is it from Portland Maine to Brunswick Maine?

Approximately 25 miles northeast of Portland, Maine.

Which city is further south Windsor Canada or Portland Maine?

Portland, Maine

Which city is located further east Portland Maine or Baltimore?

portland maine

Is there a bookeeping service in Portland Maine?

yes there is a bookeeping service in Portland Maine. I would investigate Maine Bookkeeping Inc. They are located at 44 Cash Street, South Portland, Maine.

What is the states average temperature in Maine?


When does school starts in Portland Maine?

school starts in portland maine in september the sixth

Is the NBA team Portland Trailblazers in Maine?

i say yes because Portland is in Maine.

Is portland Maine located inland or on the coast?

is portland maine located in land or on the coast

Where is Portland?

There are several cities in the United States with the name Portland. Portland, Oregon is the largest city in Oregon. Portland, Maine is the largest city in Maine.

What is the distance between Portland Maine and Freeport Maine?

the distance between Portland Maine and freeport Maine is about a half hour depending on the speed you drive

When was Jesse Forbes born?

Jesse Forbes was born on October 24, 1984, in Portland, Maine, USA.

What is the address of the seaport in Portland Maine?

Portland Ocean Terminal 40 Ocean Street, Suite 101 Portland, Maine 40101