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Q: What is the average temperature in a 3 star freezer?
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The surface temperature of a star can be estimated based on the stars?

One way in which a scientist can determine the surface temperature of a star is by:Step 1: launching a rocket to spaceStep 2: Ensure they have a thermometer with them.Note: The thermometer must be at least 20m long so as to reach the star whilst the scientist remain in the rocketStep 3: After having landed on planet Mars, the scientists open the shuttle of the rocketNote: they must be tied to the rocket so they don't fly out and get stranded/lost in outer space ( there safety must be ensured so that they do not get abducted by aliens)Step 4: The scientists hold out the thermometer towards the nearest star and measure it's temperature in degrees Celsius

What is the average temperature of the Milky Way galaxy?

That depends on what part of the Milky Way you mean. The interior of some stars gets up to a billion Kelvin or so; the interstellar gas is approximately at 3 Kelvin.Not a valid question. There is no constant temperature, but it ranges from absolute zero (-273.15 °C/-459.67°F) in the dead of space to hundreds of billions of degrees in the cores of some larger suns while going through particularly violent cycles. I suppose it would depend on how you are counting the average temperature.If you look at the average temperature on objects with mass. Then the majority of the mass in the Milky Way is in the stars, and your calculation would be somewhere on the order of the temperature of the sun.If, on the other hand, you are looking at the average temperature of every square meter, or whatever unit... then the majority of the space is very far from each star. And, your temperature would be very cold.Let's take the Pluto as representative of this. Pluto's average temperature is: (-238°C to -228°C, or 35 K to 45 K).That is probably a high estimate. The notes I'm seeing are showing around: 2.725 Kelvin. -270°C, or -455°F

What are 3 sentences about Venus?

While Venus appears to be a star, it is a planet. Several ancient cultures attached some importance to the transit of Venus across the Sun. Venus is commonly referred to as the Morning Star as well as the Evening Star. The surface temperature of Venus is over 800 degrees Fahrenheit!

What is the average surface temperature of the ocean?

The temperature of he oceans varies as the depth. the salinity and the latitude. The polar seas (high latitude) can reach -2 oC (28.4 oF) while the Persian Gulf (low latitude) as high as 36oC (96.8oF). The average temperature of the ocean surface waters is about 17oC (62.6oF). The deep ocean is another story. About 90 % of the total volume of ocean is found below the thermocline in the deep ocean. This deep ocean water is between 0-3 oC (32-37.5oF) As a result the average temperature of all the ocean waters (as a whole) approaches these temperatures.

What is the temperature of a constellation?

A constellation is a group of stars as perceived by us as being a set, often seen as being in some form of pattern. In reality these stars would have no real connection to each other and therefore cannot have a temperature. Because of the space between each star is vast, if they were to have a temperature it would be a close to the temperature of space which is 3 Kevin.

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How long does it take to freeze 450 milileter of water in a freezer?

The amount of time it would take to freeze a 400Ml bottle of water will depend on the temperature of the freezer. On average this takes about 3 to 5 hours.

What is the average high and low temperature in Birmingham?

Average temperature in Birmingham varies from month to month, it's at it's coldest in January and February with an average temperature of 3; and at it's warmest in July and August with an average temperature of 16.

What is the average temperature of the earth and the sun?

the average low temperature is 16 degrees farhenhiet. the average high is 85 degrees farhenhiet. -maddayyy!:]<3

What is the average temperature in January is?

3 degrees centagrade

How long can an apple pie last not cooked in freezer?

If you have wrapped it very well to avoid freezer burn, you may get 3 to 6 months of storage time. This can depend on temperature, how often the freezer is opened and closed, it's location in the freezer, and unexpected power outages. A deep freeze is typically the best place to store items for freezing as it's not opened as frequently as one with your fridge, and tends to hold a constant temperature.

What is a good temperature to set a freezer at?

Do you want your ice cream more firm? If so, set your freezer at or around zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you want your ice cream softer, set your freezer at or around six degrees Fahrenheit. This option will allow for easier scooping.

What is the correct working temperature of a fridge and freezer?

4 Degree - Fridge -18 Degree - Freezer

How do you keep freezer from over frosting?

1 Use a frost-free freezer. Frost-free freezers are freezers that are temperature-controlled in order to keep frost from developing in the freezer in the first place.2 Place and use a dehumidifier in the room where you have your freezer set up, if you notice your freezer has frost buildup on days when there is high humidity. A high humidity level in the air is likely the problem if you notice frost build up in your freezer during the summer months.3 Close the doors to the freezer at all times. If you notice the doors to the freezer don't close securely when you push them shut, make sure it is secure. Also, keep children from standing with the freezer door open when they aren't getting something out of the freezer in order to keep warm air that contains moisture out of the freezer. When the doors to the freezer finally close, the moisture in the warm air instantly freezes and creates frost.4 Adjust the temperature in the freezer to a lower level. When you see frost building up in your freezer, it is often caused by too high of a temperature in the freezer unit. By adjusting the temperature to a lower level, you can eliminate the frost build up.5 Clean your refrigerator to keep frost from building up. If you keep moisture and dirt out of your freezer, these materials can't turn into frost.

What is average food cost percentage in 3 star hotels?


What is the relationship between the color of the star and temperature of a star?

The color of a star is related with the wavelength of the light observed. Wien's Law states that: Peak Wavelength x Surface Temperature = 2.898x10-3 Peak Wavelength is the wavelength of the highest intensity light coming from a star.

What is the temperature of an average shower in celsius?

The average shower length was 9 minutes, ranging from 3-30 minutes, with an average temperature of 107.5 degrees F or 41.9444444 degrees Celsius.

What is the average temperature of a refrigerator in degrees Celsius?

About 3-5 degreesCelsius