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200,000 degrees F

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Q: What is the average temperature in the alpine tundra in Arizona?
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Is the Alpine tundra in Arizona?

There is an alpine tundra in Arizona. its elevation is 11500' and above. although there are other places where the alpine tundra is present, such as Utah. The only place is actually on the San Fransisco Peaks (just north of Flagstaff, AZ), which have 5km squared of Alpine Tundra on it.

What is the average yearly rainfall for the alpine tundra?

30 to50 a year

What is the average temperature in a tundra?

the average temperature for the Arctic tundra is -18 degrees F (-28 degrees C)

Do lions live in the Alpine tundra?

mountain lions live in the alpine tundra; they are carnivores

What is the difference an arctic tundra and an alpine tundra?

An arctic tundra is just a super cold place but the alpine tundra is on the tops of big mountains

What are the types of tundra?

The arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and antarctic tundra.

What is the two divisions of the tundra?

the arctic tundra and the alpine tundra.

Are White-tailed Ptarmigan's in the alpine tundra?

Yes the white tailed parmigiana are in the alpine tundra

What are the three types of tundra?

The arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and antarctic tundra.

What is the highest average temperature in the tundra?

The average temperature is about -18 degrees Fahrenheit

Does the alpine tundra have permafrost?

The Alpine Tundra lacks permafrost, and generally has better soil than the Arctic Tundra.

What is tundra average hottest and coldest temperature?

The average temperature for summer in tundra is about 8 degrees C. and for winter -35 degrees C.