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That can depend on many factors, but in general 6-8 weeks. Things that can delay healing can be: * How long and severe your CTS was to begin with before surgery * Your age, smoking, Diabetes, obesity and overall poor general health * Prior wrist surgeries or injuries * Type of procedure and if there were any complications during surgery * Workers comp case and or obtaining a Lawyer for secondary gain

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You need to follow up with your surgeon to make sure there is not something acutely going on such as an infection. If this has been going on for sometime then you may have residual nerve damage form letting the carpal tunnel syndrome go on so long before surgery. Also, sometimes the median nerve gets knicked during surgery, but this typically causes numbness and tingling more so than pain.

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The actual damage done by the surgery is generally healed within a couple of weeks. However the body's repairs to the damage that has taken place to the median nerve can run into months and may possibly never return to normal. strength returns to the muscles in the hands and fingers very quickly if they were not weakened to badly.I had both hands done on separate occasions and was able to do work with them (taking it easy ) within a week.

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According to the Healthcare Blue Book, the estimated cost of carpal tunnel surgery is $2,451.

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Q: What is the average time off for carpal tunnel surgery including rehab?
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How much does carpol tunnel surgery cost?

The cost of Carpal Tunnel Surgery varies depending on many different factors such as if rehabilitation is involved. The average Carpal Tunnel Surgery cost $5,000-$10,000.

How much does carpal tunnel surgery cost in the Philippines?

cost of carpal tunnel surgery in philippines

Should you fly right before having carpal tunnel surgery or any surgery?

There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

Why is Alex Trebek wearing a cast left arm?

carpal tunnel surgery

Why might one get a carpal tunnel surgery?

Carpal tunnel is a common health condition caused by poor ergonomics when using a keyboard for a computer. The severity of a patient's carpal tunnel symptoms will dictate the best treatment for the condition. A medical profession may suggest carpal tunnel surgery for severe cases of carpal tunnel that may not improve with more conservative treatments.

Can you fly on an airplane after carpal tunnel surgery?

Yes, it has no effect on your surgery.

What do they do when you have to do surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you are preparing to undergo carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, a key thing to organize is to have someone with you, not only to assist straight after the surgery, but also for the next few days after.

Can your employer make you have carpal tunnel surgery?

yes depending where the surgery is preformed

Is endoscopic carpal tunnel release covered by medicare?

Medicare does cover carpal tunnel surgery. One should know that they will have to meet their deductible before the surgery is covered 100%.

What is the most common carpal tunnel treatment?

The most common surgical treatment for carpal tunnel is a carpal tunnel release. Other nonsurgical treatments for carpal tunnel include splinting, steroid injections, and oral medications.

What is the average WC settlement for bilateral carpal tunnel in GA?

what is the average workers comp settlement for bilateral carpal tunnel in georgia

When can you do house work after carpal tunnel surgery?

When your doctor advises you to do so. It varies on how severe the carpal tunnel was/is, but I would say 1-3 months.