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About 2400 ft^2 and 40 ft high.

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Q: What is the average volume of a two story house?
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Why does a two story house that is roughly a cube suffer less heat loss than a rambling one story house of the same volume?

a two story house has a smaller surface area than the one story house for the given volume

Average size of two story house?

A typical 2 story house is about 2400 square feet.

What height is an average house in metres?

An average one story house would be 4.6 meters high. An average two story house would be 6.1 meters high. An average three story house would be 8.5 meters high but I guess that's not really average anymore.

How much does an average two story house weigh?

An average 2500 sq. 2 story house without foundation can weigh anywhere from 35 to 45 tons.

What is a two story house?

A two-story house is one with two floors.

When was Two Story House created?

Two Story House was created in 1980-02.

Is a one story house or two story house more popular in Australia?

one story because two story houses are very exspensive

How many steps are in a average house?

Usually 1 or 2 or 3 unless you have a two story house then like 13 i think idon't know though

How could the big bad wolf and Goldilocks be in the same house?

It was Two Story house.It was a two story house

Is a one story house more popular than a two story house in Delaware?

one story

What is the definition of two story house?

A two storey house is a house made up of two floors.

How much does it cost to remodel a home?

Remodeling an average two-story house whole house will cost you up to $40K-$70K, the cost depends on your house and what you want to remodel at the time.