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What is the average wage of a personal assistant?

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Well depending on the duties which are performed by the assistant and the experience, it may vary. Most personal assistants will get a salary because their duties and hours will change day to day. Some assistants will get an hourly if their assistants is not needed on a full time basis. For a full time assistant with personal assistants experience it is fair to start their salary off at 31k or $18 an hour (also depending on experties and salary may be adjusted if need be). For entry levels they should get a minimum wage until they are familiar with their tasks and execute them to the best of their capabilities. This question was only answered with my personal experience in mind. Louie Contreras, President THEUNIONINC.NET

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What is the average wage for a dental assistant in California in 2007?

what is the average wage for a dental assistant in california?

What is the average wage for medical office assistant in BC?

what is the average wage for medical office?

What is the average wage of a veterinary assistant in Calgary?

The average wage for a VA in Calgary is 11- 15/h

How much does a teacher assistant make in Pennsylvania?

The wage a teacher assistant in Pennsylvania makes depends on experience and location. The average wage for teacher assistants is $10.15 per hour.

What is the average hourly wage for a medical assistant?

$11.00 an hour in the Baton Rouge area.

How much does parhmacy assistent earn?

The average hourly wage for a pharmacy assistant is approximately $10.34

What is the current average wage for hospital certified nursing assistant?

The average entry level certified nursing assistant earns about $10 an hour. This rate increases as they gain experience in the job.

What is the average wage for an Administrative Assistant job?

The wages for an administrative assistant position vary depending on the employee's qualifications, experience, and the company they work for. In the U.S., the average yearly salary is about $33,000.

What is the average wage of a Surgical First Assistant?

they earn 25-50 hourly.. figure the hours.. average maybe $70,000 yearly...

What is the average wage for a dental assistant in California in 2009?

What is the average (56 hour week) salary of a firefighter/ paramedic in California in 2008

What is the average salary of a photo assistant?

Minimum federal or state wage if working at a photo machine developing prints.

What are the functions of a personal assistant?

personal assistant is to meet the needs of its client.

What is the average weekly wage in India?

Average Indian weekly pay for a professional dental assistant is $21.50/weekly. For farmer it is less than $7.50/weekly.

What is the average wage?

The average wage is 10.50 Minimum wage is 7.25

What are the responsibilities of a Personal assistant to General Manager?

what are the key responsibilities for a personal assistant

What is a judges personal assistant in court called?

what is a judge's personal assistant called

What is the average hourly wage of a Veterinary Assistant in Canada?

Anywhere between 10 and 20 dollars in BC depending on experience and training.

How much does a medical sonography make?

Average annual wage in 2006 was $56,970 Average annual wage in 2007 was $60,603 Average annual wage in 2008 was $62,669 Average annual wage in 2009 was $63,656 Average annual wage in 2010 was $64,904 Average annual wage in 2011 was $65,800

What is the salary of a nurses assistant?

A nurse assistant makes only a little more than a minimum wage working person. So per year, they can make from 20,000- 30,000. Which is pretty average.

What was the name of Lincoln's personal assistant?

John Hay was Lincoln's secretary and personal assistant.

How much does a medical assisstant make a month?

The average wage of a medical assistant is roughly 29,370 dollars per year. The highest recorded wage for this position is currently 41,570 dollars per year.

What is the starting salary for a registered dental assistant in Fresno ca?

A Registered Dental Assistant in Fresno, California makes $20,304 to $44, 957 per year. The average hourly wage reported is $16.00.

What was the average wage in 1912?

The average wage in 1912 was very small.

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