What is the average weight of an ape?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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150 to 352 pounds

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Q: What is the average weight of an ape?
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Why do monkeys have a tail but not an ape?

Because apes body weight is to heavy for a tail

Dose an ape run faster than a cheetah?

No, because of the apes weight.

What is an ape with no tail?

An ape without a tail ape. No species of ape have tails.

What is a average pandas weight?

What is an average pandas weight

It is the largest of the apes and can weigh 450 pounds?

There are no apes that weigh over 450 pounds. The largest ape, the gorilla, has an average maximum weight of 400 pounds.

What is ape in spanish?

Ape (the animal) is simio or mono. Ape as a description of a big uncouth person, is bruto or bruta. Ape, used affectionately (or not) in "You big ape!, is "Pedazo de bruto!" or "Animal!" Ape, the verb, as in "to ape his manerisms" is imitar. Ape, as in "to go ape" (ie crazy) is "ponerse como loco"

How much does a male ape weigh?

from the sources ive read online and from some tv shows,males weight around 90kgs(200lbs) on average and females half of this weight..of course most orangutans in captivity are overweight,there have been cases of males weighting around 180kgs(400lbs) which is the weight of an average gorilla in the wild..

You are a 5 2' girl what is the average weight?

Average weight would be 125 pounds.

What will be a good for this pun a brr-ape?

What did the Ape put in the cup? brr-ape will be a good for this pun a brr-ape.

What is the average weight for female of homo hablis?

This information is not known. They lived 2.4 millions of years ago and no full skeleton has been found. They were one step above the ape and had started to use tools. Jaw bones have been found with tools.

What is the weight of an average chestnut?

The weight of an average chestnut is 7563 grams.

What is average shipping weight of a refrigerator?

The average shipping weight of a refrigerator is typically between 200-300 pounds, depending on the size and model of the refrigerator. This weight includes packaging materials and is necessary to protect the appliance during transport.