What is the average weight of an apple?

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The average apple weighs 150 grams or 5 ounces.
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What is a weighted average?

A weighted average multiplies each data point by an arbitrary 'weight' and divides by the sum of the weights. Your everyday garden variety average, or arithmetic mean, is actually a special case of a weighted average, except all the weights are equal to 1. Selection of weights are largely arbitrar ( Full Answer )

What does the average granny smith apple weigh?

Worlds largest hand picked apple is apparently 3 pounds. . 1. That's not what he asked. 2. Can you add websites on here like that?(I deleted it to be sure) 3. The answer is 140 grams.

What is the weight of a bushel of apples?

The understanding, from working on fruit and vegetable farms, is that a bushel is more of a volume than a weight. There is such a thing as a standard bushel, or half bushel basket that you can get from agricultural supply companies. A bushel basket is about three feet tall by about two feet wide at ( Full Answer )

What is the weight of an apple?

in weights of an apple depends on its size, species, and the amount of nutrients it gets depends on size type texture and nutrients idk weigh it!

Weight of an apple?

An average size apple weighs 6.4 ounces, which is equal to 180grams. One apple contains approximately 91 calories and 3 grams ofdietary fiber.

What is the average lifetime of an apple computer or iMac?

\nIndefinit. As long as you can buy parts for it and it does what you want why get rid of it. It comes down to what you use it for. My 9 year old computer can still play most of the newer games with my upgrades. But it will come a time when it will be harder to find any newer software that will run ( Full Answer )

Does apple help you lose weight?

Eating a balanced diet full of fruits (like apples) and vegetables and exercising will help you lose weight.

If an apple has a mass of 1kg what is its weight?

well depends what planet you are on the basic formulae is as follows weight = mass X gravitational field (gravitational pull) on each planet so depending on what planet you wish to know ill put int the answer . Mercury gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Venus gravitational pull is 8.8 so its ( Full Answer )

The weight of a apple?

The weight of an apple can vary depending on size and variety. You may get about 2-3 apples per pound or 5-6 per kilogram.

What is the average price of an apple?

The average price of an apple is between 60 cents up to $1.50. Inbig cities, they can be almost twice the price as in rural areaswhere they are produced.

Do apples help you lose weight?

Apples wont make you lose weight, but if your trying to lose weight, eating apples instead of high calorie foods would help quite alot because apples are loaded with fiber and water, which will help you feel full without giving you extra calories. Just for your info; One medium size apple contains r ( Full Answer )

How is an average mass different from weighted average?

Average mass is different from weighted average mass becauseaverage mass is unweighted, meaning each entry has an equal weight.Entries in weighted average mass have a weighing factor that ismultiplied into it.

Weight of one apple?

Apples vary in size and weight. The average weight of an apple isanywhere from 6 to 8 ounces.

What is the average time for an apple to spoil?

There is no average time for an apple to spoil. That will depend on many factors including . The type of apple (summer apples don't keep as well as fall apples) . Growing conditions . Post harvest handling and storage . Handling and storage by the consumer

What causes weight loss in apples?

Basically apples are high in fiber; each apple contains 5 grams of fiber. By eating 3 apples a day we will get 15 grams of fiber in a day, which is half amount of fiber you should have a day. Apples used to call as negative calorie food, these are taking more calories while chewing and digesting act ( Full Answer )

The weight of an bag apples?

The weight of a bag of apples varies. This is due to there being many bags of apples that differ from each other because apples are natural, therefore varying in weight, and producers bagging them in different quantities, as a result, generally bags of apples are measured in quantities of types of a ( Full Answer )

What is the average mass of an apple?

There are more than 2,000 apple varieties and new varieties are becoming available each year, so not only would a true average have to be calculated for a large number of varieties, one would have to decide if the average was only to consider variety, or whether it would also consider the number of ( Full Answer )

Drinking apple juice will gain weight?

\nYes it will help you because it will provide you sufficient calories to gain weight because of sugar in it. but avoid packaged they have chemicals and harmful colours only drink natural it gonna help you.

Equivalent weight of an apple in grams?

Dear friend Well,...a nice question, and here is answer. I would admit your interest in the generelisation of theories to your practical life, as we used to say, a chemistry girl will alway put a glass rod or something like that when she pour even tea, to avoid splashing and there by mass/material ( Full Answer )

What is the average us weight in weight?

Depends on whether you're referring to male or female! See the related link for average weight information, and other average body statistics.

Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories.. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

Does apple cause weight loss?

If you eat it with a relatively low-calorie diet, and with exercise, then yes, it can. But you can't just eat a lot of junk food, then eat an apple and say, "Oh, this'll help me lose the weight." It doesn't work that way.

What is the average browning point of apple slices?

If they are sitting out, not in a fridge, I would say about 30 minutes. If they are in the fridge, they have about double that time. To keep your apples from browning you can put lemon juice on them and this will delay the browning process.

What is the weight of an Apple laptop?

Macbook - 4.7 pounds Macbook Pro (13 inch) - 4.5 pounds Macbook Pro (15 inch) - 5.6 pounds Macbook Pro (17 inch) - 6.6 pounds Macbook Air - 3 pounds

Can you lose weight by eating celery and apples?

You can certainly have a better diet by eating celery and apples, but you are unlikely to lose weight just because you eat celery and apples. If you have the "negative calorie" idea in mind, it is false. Celery and apples may take more energy to chew than many other foods, but eating them will not ( Full Answer )

How many apples on the average apple tree?

143.26 apples are found on the average world-wide apple tree. And yes you are CORECT! I am sad enough to go round a few random countrys to find out! :P

How many seeds are in an average sized apple?

It depends on the size of the average apple. It normally works when you open up 5 apples, count how much seeds there are altogether, and then divide that number by 5. The answer at the end is normally between 25 and 30.

How many apples does the average apple tree have each year?

The average is around 33, which surprisingly is the age Jesus waswhen he died. Jesus is also the son of God in a religion whobelieve that the earth was created in 7 days. They also believethat the first two humans were Adam and Eve who, against God'swishes, ate an apple from the forbidden tree. This ( Full Answer )

What is an apple snail's average height?

Apple snails grow maybe an inch and a half tall. It really does depend on the species. applesnail.net will give you all the answers if you read through the site.

How do you lose weight with an apple shape?

Many people who are apple shaped do best counting carbohydrates in order to lose weight. Insulin resistance is usually the cause of excess body fat accumulating around the abdomen. Many people are insulin resistant without being aware of it. There are varying degrees of insulin resistance ranging fr ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of an Apple Mac Pro?

A Mac Pro averages in cost from $2500 for the basic quad core model, to $5000 for a 12 core machine. Cost is also dependent on memory and hard drive configuration.

What is the average cost for an Apple Mini?

The average cost of an Apple Mini starts at $329 USD. Depending on the amount of memory, and whether one wishes to have just wi-fi capability or wi-fi and cellular capability, that price can increase to as much as $659 USD.

What is the average price of an Apple Macintosh laptop?

The price of Apple Macintosh laptops can vary a great deal depending on where the laptop is bought and what kind of laptop is purchased. On average, the newer versions can cost around $1100.00.

What is the average price of an Apple Laptop?

The average price of an Apple Laptop is usually around a thousand dollars. The latest models with greater storage and larger screens will generally cost more.

Does eating apples make you gain weight?

Eating food in general will make you gain weight. Apples are not afatty food, though, so eating an apple or two a day isn't going tomake you gain weight faster than you're going to burn it off.