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The average carpal tunnel surgery settlement,will depend on a few things.

1) Has your case been proven to be caused by work?

2) Different states will have different work-comp laws, so how much you are entitled to if anything will depend on the laws in your state. Search for your state governments website under work comp section for details...don't rely on lawyer websites.

3) You need to have an impairment rating from a physician who is trained and certified do give such ratings.

4) The average settlement can be anywhere from 15-30k...keep in mind that figure can vary, depending on the above and also whether you opt to have "open medical"..i.e. You usually get less up front money but you can continue to receive medical treatment "free" for this condition,Versus "closed medical" You get a bigger up front amount but you are on your own if further treatment is needed.

5) Finally your lawyer gets his/her cut usually 20-30% off the top.

6) Sometimes it's better to work with your employer and reach some type of agreement/settlement per your states work comp laws.

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The average workers' comp settlement in carpal tunnel cases can range between $30,000 to $70,000. There are cases, though, where the settlement award can be much greater. Carpal tunnel is also referred to as carpel tunnel syndrome (“CTS”).

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This can vary greatly depending on your specific states work comp laws. It could also depend on your occupation and what your impairment rating is. I have seen it vary from 0-35k. A person can have CTS and even have surgery and not have any impairment rating, because the physician feels the person has fully recovered. Others my have objective evidence with exams and tests that show the person has lossed a certain amount of use they would get an impairment rating and this could translate to a specific sum of money based in your states laws. Some will hire an attorney in hopes of getting more money, which they may get a higher settlement, However, you will have to pay the attorney up to 33% of the award, not to mention this will likely delay your case being resolved by months to years. Example: Employer/insurance offers 7k to settle, ee hires an employer will fight higher settlement request so now everybody has to go to court..about 1 1/2 years later the judge awards 9k, but now the ee has to pay 33% of the ee actually got less money in the end..not to mention 1-2 year delay. It is usually quicker and better to try and work it out with the work comp board and employer/insurance company..but if you feel wronged, then you may need an attorney. depending on what state your in lawyer fee's greatly differ. i have seen carpal tunnel injuries settled in the amount of six digits. take care

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9000 per wrist

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Q: What is the average work comp settlement in IL for Carpal tunnel?
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Does workman's comp offer a settlement for carpal tunnel?

It can, if work-related.

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How much is carpal tunnel workers compensation settlement?

Worker's comp does not pay for mental stress

What is average lump sum payment from carpal tunnel syndrome?

That is hard to say because different states have different work comp laws and rules as to what is allowable and what's not. A lot of CTS is caused by non-workrelated factors as well, but if your case has been approved by workers comp then it Also will depend if the person has had to have surgery or not and whether there is/was in impairment or disability. If you understand all that then some with carpal tunnel syndrome are no entitiled to any settlement or lump sum...Others may be able to collect 15-30k..less lawyer fees of 20-30% of course. in west Tennessee what is the average settlement for carpal tunnel

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Can you get Carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and can it be covered under workers comp?

Yes you can get carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. As far as workers comp depends if you can prove that it was related and or caused by your job duties. It also depends greatly on your states work comp laws etc..

How long does it take before you are awarded a settlement for carpal tunnel surgery?

The length can vary depending on the state you are in and the work comp laws of that state. It also has to be proved that work caused your case of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a hotly debated topic because there are many causes other than work causes. Some carpal tunnel cases can be drawn out over several years, it just depends on the facts of the case.

Can you receive Worker's comp for carpal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, this is not only possible, but many (who work on keyboards, and other manual tasks) have obtained workman's comp for this.

You settled a carpal tunnel case can it be reopened?

Would depend on what kind of "settlement" you agreed to and your specific work comp state laws, but typically no. That's why it's called a settlement in full etc.. Now if you settled a case and have "Open Medicals" then yes, because technically it never was closed.

How is rating done after carpal tunnel surgery?

What is the average payout for carpal tunnel surgery in both hands from work comp in the state of Kansas after three years of not receiving any work comp pay during the time I was off. 1st off. Why were you off for so long? That alone is crazy. Most people are back to work in 7 to 10 days at a light duty then full duty in 4 weeks time.. 3 years? not good...