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B2B2C in e-commerce stands for Business to Business to Consumer. It means a product goes from one business to another and then to the consumer.

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Q: What is the b2b2c in e commerce?
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How is e-commerce similar to non-electronic commerce?

E-commerce is the same as non-electric commerce, except that e-commerce is conducted online. They both involve selling and providing services for the consumers.

What is the full form of e-commerce?

The full form of e-commerce is "Electronic Commerce." E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the internet. This can include online retail stores, digital marketplaces, and B2B or B2C transactions.

What are the kinds of e commerce?

Business to consumerBusiness to businessConsumer to consumerMobile e-commereceSocial e-commereceLocal e-commerce

When was E-Commerce Place created?

E-Commerce Place was created in 2003.

What type of commerce is conducted on the WWW?

E-Commerce or Electronic commerce.

What are examples of E-commerce businesses?

E-commerce businesses are organizations/entities that sell goods/services online. Examples of E-commerce businesses are PayPal, E-bay and Amazon

Why is E-commerce different?

E-commerce is very different from traditional commerce, because it uses the internet and globalization to enhance the products and services. E-commerce provide direct connection between customer and corporation, eliminating third men, through e-commerce you can easily compare products, brands, quality and prices of e-commerce marketing and traditional marketing.

What kind of e-commerce company is Ntercon?

what kind of e-commerce company is Ntercon

E-commerce networks access equiments?

e commerce, electronic data interchange

What is an application of e commerce?

E-commerce are used in various areas of business:Retail and wholesaleMarketingfinanceManufacturingAuction

The sale of goods and services online?

That comes under e-commerce.

How does electronic commerce e-commerce affect you as a consumer and how do you think e-commerce affects the way companies do business?

because it just does