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What is the bank routing number for PNC Pittsburgh bank?

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043000096 is the routing number for PNC in Pittsburgh.

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National city bank's routing number for PNC Bank in Lousiville, KY is 083000108

The routing number for PNC Bank (formerly National City) is 074000065. This routing number is for IN.

071921891. PNC uses routing numbers for different states rather than cities or regional areas, so all of Illinois and Missouri uses this routing number for their PNC accounts.

This corresponds to PNC in Pittsburgh, PA. The Federal Reserve System maintains a publicly accessible list of these numbers.

PNC is the name of a Pittsburgh based bank & financial services company.

The routing number is 031207607.

PNC Bank PO Box 535230 Pittsburgh, PA 15253-5230

072000915 << NOT the actual routing number... and thanks to whoever spread this number all over the internet as PNC's MI routing number, my tax return is probably going to be very LATE. Tha actual number is 041000124...

In 1982, Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation merged under the new entity named PNC Financial Corporation. The bank opted to be known simply as PNC.

For wire transfers, PNC Bank uses a SWIFT ID. This number is PNCCUS33. Every IBAN number is different, so an exact PNC Bank location would be needed.

PNC bank currently has around 2,635 branches in the United States. The bank itself is headquatered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serves thousands of customers.

PNC's national headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanian.

PNC is the stock symbol for PNC Bank. The PNC Bank stock has been in a downward trend recently. PNC is a large bank with many branches.

Yes, PNC Mortgage is a division of PNC Bank. You can find more information about PNC Mortgage and PNC Bank on their website. PNC is a registered service mark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

PNC Bank Building was created in 1983.

If one has an account at PNC Bank, there is no charge to use a PNC Bank ATM. If one does not have an account with PNC, there is a $5 service charge for the use of an ATM.

PNC Bank may be served at a variety of locations depending on the type of records sought.Some service of process locations include:(Note – this is NOT a complete list)Requests for credit card records may be served at:PNC Bank249 Fifth AvenueOne PNC PlazaPittsburgh, PA 15222Requests for checking account records may be served at:PNC BankFirstside CenterP7-PFSC500 First AvenuePittsburgh, PA 15219Questions for PNC Bank Records Custodian:4100 West 150th StreetLoc: B7-YB17-01-CCleveland, OH 44135

How do i search online banking for pnc bank

The ticker symbol for PNC Bank Corporation is PNC and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

PNC Bank paid for the naming rights

There are no PNC banks in Puerto Rico.

PNC Bank Building - Columbus - was created in 1977.

According to the Yellow Pages, there are 7 PNC Bank branches in California. Yet, if CA is chosen on the PNC bank branch locator site, no results are found.

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