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What is the baritone sax notes in Amy Whinehouse's Rehab?

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genre of rehab by Amy Winehouse : retro soul

The song itself is in C, and assuming it's a standard E-flat sax, the song would be in A on the bari.

The rehab songs are both by Amy Winehouse and Rihanna. "they're trying to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no." -Amy Winehouse, Rehab "I gotta check into rehab, 'cause baby you're my disease." -Rihanna, Rehab Glad I could be of assistance, and I hope that answers your question!

Yes, Thursday January 24, 2008 she went to rehab

rehab is either by rihanna or Amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse released the song "Rehab" on October 23, 2006. The song has been covered by many artists, and is considered to be Amy Winehouse's signature song.

Rehab -- Amy Winehouse

Amy is refering to Amy winehouse.... Hence rehab never looked so good.... Definentaly Amy winehouse...

cause she said eh no no no

She was addicted to heroin & cocaine.

Not unless you're Amy Winehouse.

She checked out of Priory Clinic after a week.

Amy winehouse, britney spears, Paris Hilton, ABBA...

she cant sing for crap so no one cares

I would have to say that her favourite song was "Rehab". :) Your welcome.

Just listen to the song and you should understand....

Unlike the Amy Winehouse song of the same name, this is a metaphorical song. Rehab means we have to get over the guy. So we talk about checking ourselves into rehab, and we compare the guy to a disease or an addiction.

"The last inpatient stay at an alcohol rehab center for Amy Winehouse is unknown, as many stars are in and out of rehab over many other times than what is reported in the news. The private life of public people is very important and they may not report their whereabouts."

23 October 2006 it was released in her Back in Black album

Her representatives said she is preparing for her upcoming Europe tour and entered rehab as part of her ongoing batter with alcohol addiction.

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