What is the barrel break Nerf gun?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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double barrel shotgun

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Q: What is the barrel break Nerf gun?
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How do you modify the Barrel Break Nerf Gun?

The related link shows a video on how to modify the Nerf gun

What is the range of the Nerf barrel break?

the range of the Nerf barrel break is 25-30 feet

When does gun 2 come out?

"Gun 2", which could mean Nerf Barrel Break IX-2, came out in late 2010.

Is the Nerf barrel break in Australia?


Where do you get the Nerf barrel break?

At toysrus

Does the Nerf barrel break need batteries?


What is the AR in a Nerf gun?

The AR is an acronym for Air Restrictor in a Nerf gun. When you look down the barrel of a Nerf gun you see a little peg, this on of the Air restrictors. It varies with each gun.

What Nerf guns are coming spring 2011?

Nerf Spampede Nerf Barrel Break Nerf Alpha Trooper And some more

How expensive is Nerf barrel break?

20.00$ - 50.00$ usd

How do you reload the Nerf barrel break?

There is a black area that can open

What bad about recon Nerf gun?

sometimes the nerf dart can get stuck in the barrel, but can be taken out easily with a pencil or something like that, but otherwise a great gun!

When you buy the Nerf raider gun does it come with the barrel and darts?

When you buy the Raider it does come with a barrel and darts. the barrel does not come off.