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Q: What is the basic rule of specular reflection?
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What is specular?

A reflection that produces a clear image. Mirrors produce specular reflection.

What is the difference between a specular and a diffuse reflection?

The difference between Specular Reflection and a Diffuse Reflection is that Specular Reflection is from a mirror- like surface, which produces an image of the surroundings and Diffuse reflection is from a rough surface, which does not produce a clear image but instead allows you to see what is on the surface.

What are 2 types of reflection?

..Specular & diffused :))

What is the difference between perfect specular reflection and near-perfect specular reflection?

In the perfect specular, the reflected ray is determined by the angle the incident ray makes with the surface normal. which means it is fully predictable. In the near perfect, the reflected ray will be near the same of the perfect, but not the same. In a difuse reflection, the ray is far from being equal to the perfect specular.

What cannot be produced by a diffuse reflection but is possible with a specular reflection?

I don’t understand the question

what is it called when light hits a bumpy surface.?

specular reflection.

Which phenomenon occurs when light falls on a smooth mirror?

Specular Reflection

What cannot be be produced by a diffuse reflection but is possible with a specular reflection?

I don’t understand the question

What does the term specular system mean when looking at beauty?

Specular refers to a mirror image or looking into a mirror. When referring to beauty, it can mean looking into a reflection.

What occurs when light is reflected in one direction from a smooth surface?

Specular reflection

What is reflected means?

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light, sound and water waves. The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.

What term used to describe how light is reflected from a minerals surface is?

Surface reflection is either specular or diffuse.