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a number of measure of proton reacting with a base

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What is the basicity of hydrochloric acid?

The basicity of a hydrochloric acid is zero.

What is the basicity of sulphuric acid?

I think , the basicity of sulphuric acid is 1.

Phosphoric acid is a strong acid?

No, phosphoric acid is a weak acid.

What is the difference between orthophosphoric acid and phosphoric acid?

there is no differences between phosphoric acid and ortho phosphoric acid

Is phosphoric acid a monoprotic acid?

No, phosphoric acid is triprotic.

Chemical name of phosphoric acid?

phosphoric acid, or orthophosphoric acid

Is poly phosphoric acid different from phosphoric acid?

I don't think so.poly phosphoric acid and phosphoric acid have same moleculer structure.http://harvestchem.iblogger.org

What is basicity of an acid?

The amount of hydrogen ions released per molecule of an acid when dissolved in water is called basicity of an acid.

Is phosphoric acid a weak acid?

No, phosphoric acid is classed as a strong acid. It dissociates completely.

How was phosphoric acid discovered?

Phosphoric acid was discovered in 1770 by K...bone ash (1774) and produced phosphoric acidby the action of nitric acid...it

How do you prepare 0.01M phosphoric acid?

0.7 ml of 85% phosphoric acid into 1000 mL= 0.01 M of phosphoric acid

What is the difference between phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid?

How do you make phosphoric. Acid into hypophosphite

Symbol for phosphoric acid?

The Chemical symbol for Phosphoric acid is H3PO4

Where is phosphoric acid came from?

Don't you mean "Where did Phosphoric Acid come from?"

What do you mean by basicity of an acid?

The number of replacable hydrogen in an acid is termed as its basicity. eg. HCl is monobasic, H2SO4 is dibasic

Does citric acid or phosphoric acid dissolve meat?

Does phosphoric acid reduce the meats pH

Phosphoric acid charge?

phosphoric acid (unlike the 3- phophate) is neutral.

What is the molecular structure of phosphoric acid?

Phosphoric acid has a pseudo-tetrahedral shape.

What is the relative molecular mass of phosphoric acid?

The rmm of phosphoric acid is 97.976898.

What salts will be made from phosphoric acid?

The salts of phosphoric acid are called phosphates.

What is the salt called from phosphoric acid?

Generically, salts from phosphoric acid are "phosphates".

What is the molarity of phosphoric acid?

The molar mass of phosphoric acid is 97,99 g.

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