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It's called Shook Ones 2 by Mob Depp.

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If its during the battle between Lil Tic and Rabbit the beat it O.C - Times Up.

Eminem played eminem on 8 mile. Actually eminem plays Jimmy a character who is very similar to him.

Eminem Plays Xbox, and his Gamer tag is your_an_idiot2414 but his account is closed

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In the "Imported From Detroit" car commercial, in the background is the beat from Lose Yourself. This commercial aired during the Super Bowl.

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I went to school with her. Name is trisha paytas.

That song was actually already made before Eminem was born, or possibly when he was a young child. I don't know when he was born. But that song is "Dream On", by Aerosmith

Trisha Paytas who is a know youtube blogger.

well he doesn't play it, he raps it. He "plays" hip-hop/rap.

If you're talking about in the TV spot, it's 'Til I Collapse by Eminem.

If you mean when Edward proposes, then the song that plays when they make out on the bed is My Love by Sia.

It plays during the battle against the 3rd Form of Ultimecia the final boss.

8 Mile is a movie that stars Eminem and was released in 2002. The exact name of the song that played during the house party is not readily known. A few memorable songs that played during the movie are, "Lose Yourself", "Love Me", "8 Mile" and "Adrenaline Rush".

There is not a specific song that plays during medieval battles. Different regions and kingdoms had their own battle songs and chants to announce who they were.

difference between roleplay and drama

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