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In regards to eating the GMO food, no there is no difference, but when you look at the ecological impact, GMO foods have benefit the earth by producing their own pesticide, which lowers the need for pesticides. GMO foods can also be resistant to some pesticides. I suggest watching the video by Kurzgesagt to find out more.

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No benefits of eating GMO food as opposed to non-GMO food have been shown.

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Q: What is the benefits of eating GMO food?
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What are some possible benefits of eating genetically engineered foods?

No benefits of eating GMO foods are known.

What effect does eating GMO food on your genes?

It has not been conclusively determined whether or not eating GMO foods has any effects on your genes.

What effect does eating GMO food have on your genes?

Some say GMO foods have no effect on genes. Others say they do, but those people are often referred to as conspiracy theorists, unscientific, or a variety of other things. In reality, we probably don't know what effect, if any, eating GMO foods has on our genes.

What are some affects of GM food on human health?

Effects on human health from eating GMO foods is not known.

Does genetically modified food affect human health?

Though many say GMO foods have been proven to be safe for human consumption, there are some issues that may be connected to humans eating GMO foods that make the safety of GMO foods questionable.

What are the benefits of eating gluten free food?

los angelos

What are some health benefits for eating at a fast-food restaurant?

None. Health benefits come from slow-healthy food in your own home. In a fast-food restaurant you don't know even what you are eating.

What is known about the food production capabilities of GMO's?

GMO corn and soy are no more productive than non-GMO corn and soy.

What are the benefits of eating low fat food?

it will leads to healthy heart

What are the effects of GMO food?

The effects of GMO food is not yet known. Though some say there are no harmful effects, others question that and claim there is anecdotal evidence that GMO foods are harmful to health.

What are benefits of genetically modified foods?

No unique benefits of GMO foods are known. In fact, many people question whether GMO foods are as nutritious and healthy as conventional and organically grown foods.

What is one potential benefit to our growing genetically modified food crops?

To this date, January 13, 2014, no long-lasting benefits of GMO food crops over organic or non-GMO crops have been shown. Potential benefits might be to engineer crops that withstand drought or other climate conditions, to be more nutritious, or for other positive reasons.

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