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the depth zone about 100 metres off the bottom at all depths below the edge of the continental shelf.

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Q: What is the benthopelagic zone?
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What are some animals in the benthopelagic zone?

The Ngege

What zone do electric eels live in?

-The Epipelagic zone (sunlight zone) -The Mesopelagic zone (twilight zone) -The Bathypelagic zone (midnight zone)

What zone does the squid live in out of the sunlight zone the Twilight Zone or the midnight zone?

midnight zone?

What is the possessive word for zone?

The possessive form of the noun zone is zone's.

Which zone is the Twilight Zone?

The twilight zone is the one under the sunlit zone

What is the zone that begins where the intertidal zone ends?

The zone that begins where the intertidal zone ends is called the subtidal zone. This zone is constantly submerged underwater and experiences minimal exposure to air during low tides. It is characterized by deeper waters and different marine life compared to the intertidal zone.

What are 5 Marine Ecosystems?

- the intertidal zone - the sublittoral zone - the bathyal zone - the abyssal zone and - the hadal zone

What are the five climate zones?

The polar zone, the mountain zone, the temperate zone, the tropical zone, and desert zone

What is pelagi zone euphotic zone benthic zone and abyssal zone?

Zones in the ocean.

Is the zone of saturation above the zone of aeration?

No. THe zone of saturation is below the zone of aeration.

Describe the three major ocean zones?

The 5 ocean zones are: 1. Sunlight zone 2. Twilight zone 3. Midnight zone 4. Abyssal zone 5. Hadal zone These zones are according to the depth of the ocean. 

What time zone is to the east of the mountian time zone?

The Central Time Zone is east of the Mountain Time Zone.