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What is the best Pokemon on Pokemon Leaf Green?

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well it kinda depends on the level and type but i would say if every Pokemon u had were level 100 i think either mewtwo or Blastoise

2011-09-13 19:07:40
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What Pokemon are in Leaf Green?

There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

What is the best bird on LeafGreen?

the best bird Pokemon on leaf green is pidgeot

Do you battle ash in Pokemon leaf green?

you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

What is the best electric Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the best electric Pokemon in leaf green is zapdos. u get it in the power plant.

Where do you get pollywhirl in pokemon leaf green?

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

What is the best way to get to lavender town on Pokemon leaf green?

on a bike

Where is the best spot to find Suicune in Pokemon leaf green?

route no 1

What Pokemon can you get in FireRed that you cant get in leaf green?

The Pokemon you can get in fire red and not leaf green are Electabuzz and Scyther.

How do you get mamoswine in leaf green?

you can't get mamoswine in Pokemon leaf green because it doesn't exist in leaf green

Where is the best training spot before victory road in Pokemon leaf green?

the best Pokemon are on 1 2 and 3 islandsb

How do you get to pal park in green leaf?

there is no Pokemon green leaf and Pokemon leaf green you can't only diamond pearl platinum heartgold soulsilver and maybe black and white

Best way to catch Suicune in Pokemon leaf green?

Use a master ball.

Can you get Eevee on Pokemon emerald?

No only Fire Red and Leaf Green and trade it from Pokemon fire red and leaf green

What is behind the door on pokemon sapphire?

behind the door is leaf green u enter the Pokemon leaf green world

Where is Blaine on Pokemon leaf-green?

Blaine is on Cinnabar Island in Leaf-Green. He is the gym leader there.

Why does Pokemon trainer leaf not have a name?

She does its either Leaf or Green.

What is the best fire type Pokemon in LeafGreen?

arcanine is the best fire type in leaf green and fire red

Best grass type Pokemon in leaf green?

Venusaur because it can learn frenzy plant.

Which is the best Pokemon pack to get rare cards?

try fire red and leaf green packs

Where is the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon leaf-green?

Cinnibar Island Hope this helps

Can you capture new Pokemon in leaf-green?


How do you teleport on Pokemon leaf-green?

Catch an Abra

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

you dont i think

What happens if you trade a DiamondPearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

you cant trade Pokemon diamond pearl with leaf green. You can only do that if you trade Pokemon from leaf green to diamond pearl.

Where do you find ekans in Pokemon Leaf Green?

They can not be caught in Leaf Green, you need to trade with Fire Red.