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Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

What is the best Pokemon team for emerald?


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January 05, 2012 6:03PM

Im taking into account the gym leaders, and elite four.

1) Swampert (Water Ground) !!(Choose Mudkip as your starter)!!

2) Shiftry (Dark/Grass)

3) Ninetales (Fire)

4) Machoke (or Machamp) (Fighting)

5) Manectric, Magneton, or Raichu (All are electric types, but Magneton is also steel type).

6) Aggron (Steel/Rock) or Golem/Rydon (Rock/Ground) or Walrein (Water/Ice)

I'd also strongly recommend having all Pokemon level 60+, because the champion Wallace has Pokemon that are Lv. 55 to Lv. 58.


After you complete it and trade a bunch \/ \/ \/ (all lvl 100)

#1. Charizard, moves Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Blast Burn, Wing Attack.

item-Charcol fire dragon fire flying

#2.Blastoise, moves Return, Earthquake, Brick Break, Surf.

item-Mystic Water normal ground fighting water

#3.Mewtwo, moves Flamethrower, Recover, Thunderbolt, Psychic. (< \/ )

item-Magnet fire normal electric psychic (< lol)

#4.Dragonite, moves Fly , surf , Ice Beam, Outrage.

item-Sea Incense flying water ice dragon

#5.Gengar, moves Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Night Shade, Double Team.

item-Spelltag ghost poison ghost normal

#6.Scizor, moves Strength, Metal Claw, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball.

item-Lax Incense normal metal bug ghost

Thats the best cuz thats what i got :)