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Q: What is the best airsoft full metal aeg?
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What is the best airsoft aeg ak47 m4 or 16 under 100 you can get with a full metal gearbox?

The AK 47 Is Better Then m4

What is the Best full metal airsoft gun for under 160?

go to and look at CYMA's guns, most reliable metel AEG's for the best price.

What is the best airsoft aep?

AEG? Systema

What is a good AEG airsoft gun to buy?

I would not recommend buying a dboys, jg, or lancertactical. Go to and type "Custom" into the search box and hit enter. It should give you a list of customized full metal airsoft guns with varying prices. Make sure that you buy a Full metal AEG or GBB rifle.

What is the best airsoft aeg cqb weapon?

Crossman Uzi

What is one model name of Thompson Airsoft guns?

There are several model names of Thompson Airsoft guns. One such gun is the Thompson M1A1 Full-Metal Body AEG Airsoft gun. Another model is the Thompson Chicago Typewriter AEG Airsoft Rifle. To find other models available check with your local rifle store or search through their website.

What is the best aeg airsoft gun?

my Willy wonker aka mm nan

Is the M4 3181 AEG Electric Airsoft Gun fully metal?

no it isn't but it has very hard plastic

How much does the de ump m89 laser scope airsoft gun aeg weigh?

If you bought a full metal one like me, it would be around 6-7 pounds

Are aeg airsoft guns the best to buy?

ya, its cheaper then gas and still works great. ps if your looking for the best aeg buy a KWA M4

What is the best airsoft aeg under 75?

Try,, or just ebay!

What is the best airsoft aeg smg?

The Crosman Mini Uzi... it has about 500 fps and is the best gun evar