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150-165 grain. Buy as many different brands as you can afford and shoot them. The rifle will show a preference for one or two loads.

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Q: What is the best ammo for a Remington 700 cdl to hunt deer with in the northeast?
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Best ammo for rifled shot gun?

Slugs! If its rifled it is a deer hunting barrel.

What is the best ammo to use to hunt deer for the marlin 30 30 model 336A lever action rifle?

150 grains plus preferred, but not the Buffalo Bore 190 grain hawk bullet ones, as the are not made to properly mushroom on deer. The 30-30 is the all time #1 gun for deer hunting, and virtually everyone makes ammo for them...but I always leaned to the Hornady 160 grain FTX LeverEvolution or the Federal Premium ammo. You will have to buy as many different brands of ammo as you can afford and shoot them all to see which your rifle prefers. I would not go lower than 120 grains. Fixdeluxe1's Improvment:If you can get it,I recommend 150 Grain and up.Try Winchester ammo its one of the best and if Remington does 30-30 them too.

In semi-auto12 ga What is best for deer Winchester or Remington?

Pesonal preference. Both are good weapons.

Can one shoot a deer with a 022 with what type of ammo?

Use a .22 magnum. It will kill a deer.

What is the price of a used Remington 12 ga 1100 deer slayer?

Ithica made the '' deerslayer" not remington

What is the best 243 rifle?

I have a remington 243 I shoot the silvertip winchester 95gr or 100gr i am only 13 years old and i killed more deer then i have missed so i recemended a remington 710 model

What is the best elk cartridge for 12 year old?

It depends on what one will be shooting at. For plinking, target shooting, or small game a .22 rimfire is called for. If you are going deer or medium sized game hunting a .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, 260 Remington, or 7mm-08 Remington would be enough for killing deer, but not too brutal as far as recoil or muzzel blast is concerned.

What grain bullets are recommended for deer hunting with WSM model 70 7mm Winchester?

On deer size game I would recommend that you shoot a bullet with a weight of between 140-154grs.for deer hunting.I load my brothers deer hunting ammo with the 140gr.Nosler partition and he has never had a failure yet on deer size game.Hornady also makes ammo with their interbond bullets that is first class.

What is the best ammo for a 30 06 and 308 savage?

Today I shot my new Savage .308 and used Federal 7.62X51 FMJ ammo, grouping nicely at 100 yards. I went to Remington Core-Lokt .308 rounds and both my dad and I had a hard time keeping tight groupings. From what I hear a fair number of guns have some preference. I just haven't found the right round for deer hunting yet, as the FMJ simply will not do. I also await an answer to this question.

Remington model 740?

depending on what you want to know the Remington model740 is the previous model b4 the Remington 742 they were chambered in many calibers for deer hunting and had a 5 rd clip

What is value of Remington model 740 gamemaster in 30-06 caliber?

Priceless, I have killed over twenty deer with mine. It is one of the best shooting rifles I have found.

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