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The best bank depends on the terms and conditions of the account including the fees and interest rates. You need to make sure that the bank is convenient for you to get to. Based on the age of your child, your account needs will have different requirements. For savings account for a baby, you may only deposit gifts of money. For an older child, you may want to put money in and take it out to buy a toy. For savings account for a teenager you may want the ability to link it to a checking account.

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Q: What is the best bank to open a child's savings account with?
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Where can I find the best savings account?

Typically - you will not be able to find the "best" savings account, due to the fact that savings account do not generate a lot of income regardless. Your best bet would be to use the savings account with your bank, or try out a Certificate of Deposit.

What is the best bank in the Philippines to start a savings account?


Are there any banks that offer a high yield savings account?

There are many banks that offer a high yield savings account. The best bank that offer the best high yield savings account is Charles Schwab investment bank. They have what is called the high yield investor savings account, where there are account minimums and no monthly fees.

What bank offers the best savings account?

ING currently offers the best online savings account. They have the highest rates. The North Middlesex Savings Bank Rates as of Mar. 5th are 2.75% APY. Ridgestone Bank is 2.50% annual percentage rate.

Who has the best interest rates for an online savings account?

According to a recent study, Capitol One Bank has the best online savings account. The others that made the top three on the list were Nationwide Bank and Ally Bank.

What is the best savings account offered by online banks?

The "best" is subjective and will depend on the features that you are looking for in a bank. Personally, First Command Bank is an awesome bank with a high interest money market savings account. American Express Bank currently has a 1.3% interest rate for their savings accounts.

How much is an account at beneficial savings bank?

To have an account at Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank you need to deposit at least$50. The interest is compounded daily. It has the best rates also. Good place to have an account.

Where's the best place to start a savings account?

The best place to start a savings account would be any bank closest to you. And find the bank with the highest interest rate. There's also a website called BankRate which you can use to find the best bank in your area.

Where is the best place for one to create a savings bank account in Greece?

The best place that one may create a bank savings account in Greece would be at Bank of Cyprus. They have services that are accessible online and may be accessed all over the world.

How can one obtain the best interest on savings?

One might obtain the best interest on savings by looking at the different interest rates banks offer and opening a savings account with that bank. Another way to obtain the best interest on savings is to open a Tax Free Savings Account.

What are the best high interest savings account rates?

The best high interest savings account rates include Nationwide Bank, with a 1.04% rate, Ally Bank with a 1.03% rate, and American Express, with a 1.00% rate as well.

What companies offer the best high interest savings account?

Several companies offer high interest savings account. The companies that offer the highest include Ally Bank, American Express Bank, and Sallie Mae Bank.