What is the best bath towel?

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blue or black

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Q: What is the best bath towel?
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Related questions

Why nylon is the best material for a bath towel?

Nylon is not the best material for a bath towel. I believe cotton bath towels are much better.

What is a bath towel?

A bath towel is a towel which is used for drying the body, especially after a person has come out of a bath or shower.

How can you use towel in a sentence?

This is my favorite bath towel!

What is a bath cloth?

a bath cloth is small towel.

What should you do when you get out of the bath?

Get a towel.

What products does the website known as Christy Towel offer?

The website known as Christy Towel offers many bath supplies such as luxurious towels or even bath towels and bed linen with the highest and best of qualities.

Does walmart have a variety of bath towel hooks?

Walmart carries a varied supply of bath towel hooks. They have wooden shelves with towel hooks to metal towel bars and they range from $15.00 to $50.00.

What is the German word for towel?

(Hand) towel = (das) Handtuch (Bath) towel = (das) Badetuch

Are bath towel hooks commonly used in most households?

Bath towel hooks are a common bathroom accessory and have a variety of styles for every household. Therefore bath towel hooks are used in most households.

What is normally included in a good bath towel set?

A good bath towel set either match in color, or are matched to a bathroom decor with contrasting colors in the set. They usually include a large bath towel, a smaller hand towel as well as a washcloth.

Where can you find cheap bath towel sets?

The best place to find bath towel sets for low prices are at large discount stores, or chains. It is also useful to watch for coupons or clearance deals in weekly flyers.

Where can you get a bath towel wrap for a good price?

Bath towel wraps can be found online at websites like eBay and Amazon for a good price. Brick and mortar stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond will also carry a variety of bath towel wraps.

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