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What is the best climate for pine trees?


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Pine trees are found in climate like Colorado's climate

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Ireland has the right kind of climate for many types of pine trees to grow.

Evergreen Pine trees do not have leaves,the are pine needles and the shape of the tree helps it to shed snow.

it consisted of hills plains and pine trees

Pine trees grow in coniferous forest, usually in northern regions, where the climate is cold and the soil rich enough to sustain them.

why cant you smell pine from your pine trees?

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

They live in a moderate climate from scrub oak to pine trees in the mountains high enough to have snow.

Because the climate is very mild and humid!

No, pine trees are not sexual.

yes, pine can grow in arid areas only if intense care is provided. you can grow may be 1 or 2 trees, but if u want to establish a whole plantation, it is not possible because the climate of arid areas do not favor pine trees.

Pine trees are not seedless. The seeds are located in the pine cones.

Pine trees have quite a few things that fern and mosses do not. Pine trees have pine cones and a wooden trunk.

A plantation (area of trees) of pine trees

No, pine trees do not produce flowers.

Pine trees are sometimes also called conifer trees. This is because pine trees produce cones that are planted to grow more pine trees.

pine trees or evergreens

No, there is only pine trees in pine forests. I think?

Yes, of course pine trees are real. That's where pine needles and pine cones come from.

in Live Oak, its up north

pine trees thrive in Florida

4 to 6 is the pH of pine trees

Pine trees are evergreen, coniferous softwoods.

do pine trees get there water from roots or needles

It is a eukaryote. "Eukaryotic organisms, like mushrooms, pine trees, and your best friend, are all made of cells with a nucleus and surrounding membrane."

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