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What is the best concealer for dark circles one that actually covers?


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March 23, 2009 8:40PM

I have a problem with dark circles underneath the eye too, and just recently i discovered the best way to conceal them using a stick concealer and pressed powder. What you need: Concealer brush or eyeshadow brush (not sponge tip) (you can get this in any make up section of almost any store, wal-mart is the best i find), concealer stick (what is use is, wet n' wild; cover-all concealer stick), pressed powder (i use cover girl; clean pressed powder, go for the non-scented one, the scented one dries out your skin more) and blush (i use wet n' wild; silk finish blush) Here's what you have to do: 1. Take your concealer stick and swipe across one line from the inner to the outter part of the under eye. hint; make sure the concealer doesn't touch the eye lashes this takes a while to get off. 2. Take your ring finger and gently roll concealer from the inner to the outter section of the eye, don't forget to do the bottom. When rolling finger, make sure that you do it in little parts not one giant roll from side to side this will rub off the concealer. 3. Now for the powder, take your concealer brush, you can ALSO use an eyeshadow brush (not sponge tip brush) and lightly dip it into the pressed powder (you can also use loose powder if that's all you have) then gently dab powder onto the now fully concealed eye, the powder will give it a more natural look and will help the concealer stay on longer. 4. Add some blush for a more healthy look as it makes you look less pale and more bright. How to apply blush the proper way: Just SMILE!!! As you smile look at the two cirlces on each side of your nose take your blush brush and apply it right there then blend it up you a little bit below your temples (into the hair line) Hope this works for you as much as it did for me!!!