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A centimetre is probably best

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Q: What is the best metric to measure the length of a hockey stick?
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What does a metre stick measure?

metric length

Instrument used to measure length in the metric system?

metric ruler

What Instrument is used to measure length in metric units 2 WORDS?

meter stick

What instrument measures meters?

A meter stick would be one. A metric tape measure would be another.A measuring tape.a rulerA meter stickyou can use a metric tape or a yardstick or a metre trundle wheel and finally a metre stickA tape measure, calibrated in meters.A meterstickusually a metric measuring tape.

How do you find out your age with a metric stick?

You cannot. A metric stick can be used to measure length so it can measure your height. My height is 177.8 centimetres. So what does that tell anybody about my age other than that I am most likely male, and either a tall youngster or an adult.

Do you use a meter stick to measure length?

Yes, a meter stick can be used to measure length.

What is the length of willie mitchell's hockey stick?


Advantage of meter stick or ruler?

to measure using the metric system to measure a meter

What unit would you measure a hockey stick?

The answer depends on what you wish to measure: its length, thickness, mass, elasticity. There are many more characteristics that you may wish to measure and in most cases a different unit is required.

When and how do you measure length?

when ever you want and you can measure it with a meter stick and a tape measure and a yard stick.... thank you for your suport

Would you use kilometers or meters to measure a hockey stick?


What is the metric instrument used to find length?

the ruler The meter stick