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My mom's thermostat is in a hallway between the living room and bedrooms.

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Where is the best location a thermostat in the home be?

* Where is the best location a thermostat in the home should be? * ---- * Don't place the thermostat on an exterior wall. * Don't place the thermostat near an intake duct.* Don't place the thermostat near the heat register * Do place the thermostat on an interior wall a bought half way point about * 4.5 ' to 5', on the wall away from any breezes or heat admitting devices.

What is the best place for a thermostat?

wall of dining room

Where is the best place for a thermostat?

The thermostat is commonly located on the front of the engine. It can be located where either the upper or lower radiator hoses connect to the engine.

Is an interior wall or exterior wall the best place to install a thermostat?

* Keep them away from windows. * Never place on an exterior wall. * Never place in direct sunlight. * Try to locate in the central core of the home (alternatively in the room that is most occupied).

How do you hook up thermostat wiring?

Thermostat wiring can be hooked up by following the colors of the wires. Each thermostat comes with color coded wires that are the same colors as the thermostat already in place in the home. Hook each wire to its colored wire.

What is the best place for a thermostat in a house?

On the most inside middle wall where the family spends the most time.

How do you install Thermostat in a Mazda B2200?

Wish side the thermostat is place it inside

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What is Cost of thermostat?

If you are looking for a programmable thermostat for your home, try They have good pricing.

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How do you change thermostat to 1997 Plymouth Voyager?

Changing a thermostat in a 1997 Plymouth Voyager is very easy to do. You will need to follow the radiator hose to the thermostat. You will then take the hose off the thermostat and remove the two bolts holding the thermostat in place. Make sure to clean the area before putting the new thermostat in place.

Where is the best place to install a home thermostst?

Typically, the thermostat will be mounted on a wall above your return or on wall directly across from return. The thermostat needs to be near return to measure air temp going back to your air handler to determine when the temp setting has been satisfied, then the tstat tells the system to turn off.

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How do you know which model of rite temp thermostat you have in your home?

rite temp thermostat model # 8030

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Home heating thermostat setting?


What device maintains home temperature?

a thermostat

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make yourself at home; it's a home for home; feel at home; there is no place like home; East, west, home is best

Is a hypothalamus similar to a thermostat?

Yes, the hypothalamus is similar to a thermostat because it controls the body temperature. The thermostat in a home or in a car is what controls that things temperature.

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How do you replace the thermostat on a 1999 Kia Sportage?

The thermostat on a 1999 Kia Sportage is replace by removing the upper radiator hose, unbolting the thermostat housing, and removing the thermostat. A new gasket can then be put in place and a new thermostat installed.

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