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Q: What is the best recording system for no lag?
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What is the best recording system for no lag in minecraft?

There is none. Lag is produced from your own computer, not recording systems.

Why do my bandicam videos lag even though i don't lag while recording?

Speed of the computer, like ram, the move you have the faster it runs video's

What is the every day use for an anti lag system?

The everyday use for an anti-lag system is to feed air to the exhaust system. The anit-lag system is used to keep the turbocharger spinning when the engine is not delivering enough exhaust gas.

Is there a screen recorder that doesn't lag when recording Windows media player videos?

Screen recording is a resource hungry process that can lead to system lags if being done on a PC with low-end specs. Another major reason for lagging is the screen recording software itself. If the software is heavy, it can cause the system to lag and thus the recording is laggy that renders it useless. To overcome this, you need a lightweight screen recorder that doesn't put too much strain on your system. In this regard, ScreenRec is an ideal screen recording tool. ScreenRec is highly optimized with simple interface that is easy to navigate. It works great even on low-end PCs and you can be sure you're going to lag-free recordings with ScreenRec.

What is meant by imp and exp Lag Kvarh?

This nothing but forward and reverse recording... nothing but bidirectional meters

The different between system overshoot and system lag is called?

System swing

What is difference between system overshoot and system lag is called?

The difference between system overshoot and system lag is called system oscillation. System overshoot refers to a transient phenomenon where the system response temporarily exceeds the desired setpoint before stabilizing. System lag, on the other hand, refers to the delay or time taken for a system to respond to a change in the input.

How does the localhost system work?

The local host system is a program that will select the customer with the best connection and provide them with being the host. This is used for many gaming servers and reduces lag and disconnections.

Compare a manual record system and a computerized system?

compare between computerized recording and manul recording

Is it normal for Megaman powered up to lag?

it depends on what system you are using if its PC than yes it will lag every once and a while

What does a recording system do?

There are different types of recording systems, analog and digital. Recording systems allows you to record a subject and then play it back. It can also be a system of documenting facts or events.

What are the best recording studios in NYC?

There are some best Recording Studios on Manhattan. Scroll down to related links and look at "Recording Studios on Manhattan".