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There is no such thing as a 'compensatory narcissist'. It is a fake term made up by psychopath Sam Vaknin (see Related Links).

No Contact with a Narcissist is always best.

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Q: What is the best revenge of a compensatory narcissist?
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Would a compensatory narcissist have a second successful marriage?

A compensatory narcissist would not be able to have a successful second marriage. This is because they would always be craving praise while belittling their spouse to make themselves feel better.

How do you you either get revenge on a Narcissist or let him know you are on to him?

Leave him

What is the best way to get revenge on a abusive narcissist?

By not caring about them and improving your own life. Don't try it. Just leave. You're asking for trouble if you think you need to get even with him.

How can you end a long divorce with a narcissist?

I am not looking for revenge nor am I trying to heal. I just want it to end. What buttons do I push?

How do you get revenge from an ex?

"Sucess is the best form of revenge."

How would you take revenge?

success is the best revenge

It is best to ignored a narcissist?

Yes it is......... I know from experience

What is the duration of Success Is the Best Revenge?

The duration of Success Is the Best Revenge is 1.52 hours.

How do you use a sentence for revenge?

Revenge is best served cold!

What is the summary of of revenge?

Revenge is:- A Dish Best Served Cold.

How can you play a narcissist back at his own game?

You will never win against a narcissist. The best advice I can give is to run away and think of yourself. Wake up to the fact that every glimmer of hope is false. Ignore him and move on until you no longer want revenge because you have started to care about yourself and regained your self worth.

Who said 'The best revenge is to be unlike your enemy'?

Marcus Aurelius - The best revenge is to be unlike to one who performed the injustice (or who performed the injury) Or, the best revenge is not to be like your enemy.

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