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There is no such thing as a 'compensatory narcissist'. It is a fake term made up by psychopath Sam Vaknin (see Related Links).

No Contact with a Narcissist is always best.

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A compensatory narcissist would not be able to have a successful second marriage. This is because they would always be craving praise while belittling their spouse to make themselves feel better.

By not caring about them and improving your own life. Don't try it. Just leave. You're asking for trouble if you think you need to get even with him.

Succeed! By moving on in your life, by never looking back and being happy with your life. If you play the revenge game against a narcissist- you will NOT win.

I will get my revenge.Revenge is not always the best way forward.He sought revenge for the death of his master.

I am not looking for revenge nor am I trying to heal. I just want it to end. What buttons do I push?

"Sucess is the best form of revenge."

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You will never win against a narcissist. The best advice I can give is to run away and think of yourself. Wake up to the fact that every glimmer of hope is false. Ignore him and move on until you no longer want revenge because you have started to care about yourself and regained your self worth.

Yes it is......... I know from experience

Revenge is:- A Dish Best Served Cold.

Revenge is best served cold!

Marcus Aurelius - The best revenge is to be unlike to one who performed the injustice (or who performed the injury) Or, the best revenge is not to be like your enemy.

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Best guess, it can. There is no other way for a true narcissist to be aware of issues within him or herself.

No contact is the best way to part ways with a narcissist. You must remain consistent and end contact completely and forever.

It really bothers them. They feel 'forgotten' and for a narcissist to be forgotten is to be insignificant. I was working with a fairly famous musician for a time who was a HUGE narcissist. I finally gave up on his rude behaviour and ignored him. Two weeks later, he's contacting and sucking up to me, despite that he has thousands of fans. But when they do re-contact you, it's only so they can test you. They're trying to get a reaction out of you to feed their ego. Just keep ignoring them. Silence, and indifference is the best kind of revenge.

so they don't have an opportunity to manipulate you and get to you emotionally.

someone also obsessed with that person.

Flexible signin and time-off for personal business is definitely a compensatory benefit.

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The very best revenge you can have over your older brother is to not be like him.

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