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There is only one shaman class...the shaman. The class is built around three specs (specializations) and features the Enhancement, Restoration, and the Elemental specs.

Enhancement - Centers around enhancing your physical dps while adding some magical weapons to your arsenal.

Restoration - Centers around making your healing spells better and giving you the tools and talents to heal yourself or your party.

Elemental - Centers around magical damage (ranged) using earth, ice and fire.

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Q: What is the best shaman class in wow?
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Best race in wow?

Tauren. If you do pick a Tauren, you should be a Shaman.

What class can Hex in wow?

In the online game, World of Warcraft or WoW, there is one class that can use a spell called hex. That class is a shaman, characterized by their versatility, healer/dps status, and mail armor.

Are hunters the best in wow?

There is no 'BEST' class in wow. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses and can be overcome by another player who is better.

What are good shaman names in wow?

I seen Oprahwindfury, it made me chuckle! I named my shaman totemaddict for my giggles :)

Is shaman class the new best non-mem class in aqw?

Yes it is No in fact it isn't the best non-member class would be dragonlord, for those without a upgraded character on other games by artix entertainment. Rogue could be considered the best class. Shaman is a highly unpredictable class with the (chance) to crit very high and this chance is very small though i am currently working on an enchancement set to get the most out of the class. but as of the moment No Shaman could not be called the best non member class.

Is evolved shaman the best class in aqworlds?

No class* is the best but its ONE of the best farming classes and pretty good at soloing cause it can freeze bosses. *not the NO CLASS* :)

What is best enhancement for evolved shaman class in aqw?

All is Wizard.. Trust me :)

What class is the best tank in wow?

protection pally

What class has the best area effect in wow?


How do you get the Shaman class in aq worlds?

You need Rank 10 Arcangrove Reputation to be able to buy the Shaman Class.

What is the role of a shaman?

If you're talking about WoW, then a shaman heals (resto) , enhance (melee) dps, and they can ranged dps in elemental spec.

Where can one find information on the WoW Shaman?

The best online source of information regarding the Shaman in World of Warcraft would be the WoWWiki website, a free online source of all the information you need regarding this popular game.

What was the name of that WoW Elemental Shaman YouTuber who had a british accent and a panda as a logo?

There is no information as to who the WoW Shaman YouTuber is that had a British accent. If you have their YouTube channel, it may be easier to find the details about the person.

Which is the better class in aqw evolved shman or shaman?

Evolved Shaman is better.

What is greatest class at AQWorlds?

The best classes are the ones hardest to get like necromancer, Vindicator of they and Shaman

How do you get shaman class in Adventure Quest World?

Shaman class is Rank 10 Arcangrove Reputation. Type /join Arcangrove, and then talk to Rayst The classes "Evolved Shaman" and "Shaman" can be bought in his Rep Shop.

What is enhancement on shaman class in aqw?

wizard is the best enhance for shaman. AQW give spellbreaker enhance out doesnt mean it gonna fit with shaman. Wizard away is the best enhance for mage and shaman class. The whole set of wizard will make shaman get high crit. Luck on one of your equipment will also increase your crit range. The benefit of spellbreaker vs wizard is spellbreaker has a higher wisdom stat that with all caster classes increases your accuracy. So even if you go all wizard yes your crit range will be higher but your accuracy is lower. its best to build the class as a combination of enhancements. I personally use luck on the weapon,spellbreaker on helm,and wizard on cape and class.

What is is the best non member class in aqworlds?

I think that if you have some ac (2000) you should get a necromancer, elemental dracomancer, vinacator of they.If your to lazy then the best nonmember class is a ninja class, pirate, and a shaman

What is the best hunter gear in wow for lv 80?

the T10 class gear

Best enhancements for shaman class in aqw?

Well no one really knows 100% but in AQW wiki it says wizard enhancement is the best. Though Shaman class has a it's own enhancement called spellbreaker enhancements given by Rayst. I personally think wizard is better though. BUT don't get any other enhancement for the class cause they won't be as strong as the other classes

How do you be a shaman in aqw?

You have to have a reputation of 10 for Arcangrove first. Then you can purchase the Shaman class from Rayst in Arcangrove for 50,000 gold. or ac to buy it for envolved shaman it good it can do over 1000

What class should you be in wow?

This is purely a personal choice. Everyone will say this class is the best or that class is the best, but the acutal best class is the one that has a playstyle you can get into. Some people will say melee is the best, others will say ranged or heals is the best. No matter what anyone tells you, the best is what you like doing.

What is the best class for trolls in wow?

i would do a Troll Rogue i see those a lot

What is the best class in aq?

i believe that its all kind of beta stuff like beta beserker or beserker or shaman class or ninja or alpha classes and some rare classes

What is the best enhancements for evolved shaman in aqworlds?

the best enhancement for shaman and other things is lucky even for armour,weapon,heads and cape

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