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The best spell is the summon firedrake spell.


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the way you spelled it

Meteor strike spell ,greater fireball spell ,town portal spell for those times when you need to get out of a fight deep down in the dungeon.

go to your spellbook and press the ctrl button while clicking on a spell.

The best armor in Fate is Legendary Elphame armor everyone should know this.

The correct spelling of the word is "karma" (destiny, fate).

The spelling is fait accompli, a "done thing".

It would be for low levels- fire drake . Mid levels-summon me. high levels-summon pichu.

The best gear in fate is the Legendary Elphame armor. The best weapon for the online game is the Legendary Elphame sword.

i think it kaos i think that how you spell it

The legendary master's robe is THE BEST robe on fate. Legendary Master's Robe: 399 def

The Best weapon is terminal calculation

Gloim's cannon is the best in my oppinion.

The best spell is by your preference for any spell

I'm not sure what you're asking exactly... but you can counter a slow spell by using a haste spell

In Fate the best fish to feed either your dog or cat is the Flawless Ruffy (turns your pet into a Gryphon).

the best weapon is a bow and arrow

You Buy Fate on the internet or best buy, target and 6'th avenue

mk12. its the best single shot rounds

The best way to spell it is correctly, of course: thieves.

定め /sa da me/ and also 運命 /un mei/ can be used.

legendary the raker great gloves

The best finisher is the twist of fate.

It means "fate" or "destiny". It can also means "spell" (to cast a spell: jeter un sort). Or "going out" (he's going out: il sort).

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