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Q: What is the best terrain to find gold nuggets?
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Why are the Denver nuggets called the nuggets?

The gold rush came through Colorado, and they used to find gold "nuggets'. Hence, the denver nuggets

Who was the first one to find gold nuggets in the Gold Rush?


Where can I buy scrap or melted down gold -- nuggets, not coins?

The best place I've found that you can buy scrap or melted down gold nuggets, is online, at the website They seem to be the most reputable company I can find.

Where do you find all the nuggets?

Since the Gold Rush was in California, you may be able to find gold nuggets there. With all the hidden treasures on the ocean's floor, there has to be gold nuggets there.

How do you get gold nuggets with the gold pan on wild west island?

shake the pan slow and you find gold

What were some gold nuggets found in the 1850s?

They were probably gold nuggets.

How do you find out if gold nuggets are real gold?

Some gold nuggets are really small. But some are either gigantic or fairly large. But bite the bigger gold nugget for about 1 and a half minutes. then look at the nugget and if there is teeth marks, it is real gold.

Where did the Denver nuggets get their name?

Colorado... GOLD NUGGETS!!

Where can you find gold nuggets on horseisle?

Gold ore can be found in rock piles located around the various isles.

where can i find a gold dealer to buy gold nuggets at here in is pure gold ?

This link will be helpful for you,

Where do you get gold nuggets on poptropica?

You find it where the 2 rivers meet on the way right side but you need the gold pan and gold map to find it first. GOOD LUCK!

What was the name of the gold nugget discovered by Hargraves in Australia?

Hargraves did not actually find any gold nuggets himself. His offsider John Lister, was the one who actually found the gold, and it was not in the form of a large nugget. The gold was payable, but it was in smaller nuggets that were not named.