What is the best topic sentence for a paragraph about laptop?

There are many types of laptop computers are available on the market today from infamous brand of laptops are up to the famous laptop, from the simple laptop to the laptop that has a full feature, can be easily seen on the market. In general, if people want to have a laptop then they just go to the market for survey and then choose the one laptopcomputer at computer outlets, but there are other ways that you can do if you want to have a laptop by creating your own laptop to your liking as well the budget you have, and that is in question here is how to build a laptopcomputer?
For those of you who have knowledge of computers including skill in making the laptop, then the choice by your own computer build is the right choice and it's not hard to do, because you can make a computer in accordance with the specifications you want, and you can save a lot of money to build a laptop notebook, but if you do not have skills in making the laptop, then you should learn in advance about how to bring up a laptop properly, and here you can use handbook on how to build a laptop and learn to properly and thoroughly, including pictures in building laptop computer. And of course you need time and cost to build this laptop which time and cost depends on your ability, sooner you master the skill to bring up a laptop then the shorter the time that you also need to create a laptop that you want.
If you are afraid of making mistakes in how to build a laptop, or you have no time in making the laptop but you want to have a laptop with specific specifications that are not sold in the market e.g. specific hard drive size, amount of memory, and others specification, so you can make the laptop to your liking with ordering on the laptop computer outlet or laptop manufacturers are available in the market both online and offline, due to increasing competition in the computer world, the more variation is also provided by the manufacturer computer to attract customers to use either a laptop or desktop computer from their brand , and you are now looking for information about the manufacturers who provide services to make the laptop as desired by the customer, and after finding a manufacturer that provides the best deals for you, then just order and give information of laptop specification according to your needs and budget, and of course you have to pay extra to get a laptop computer with this special specification.
Looking for a laptop that suits your needs and budget you want is basically the job is not hard to do, you just take your time to get information where you can get the laptop in accordance with the specification you want, and you can also consider to build a laptop, and you can do by yourself if you know how to build a laptop, or you get someone else to make the laptop for you, and whatever your way to get a laptop that is important you know what type of laptop you want to have in accordance with your objectives and budget in the use of your laptop so you can use maximally your laptop without hurting your financial condition.