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try this 'Many people believe peer pressure to be an inconvienant amount of bother building up inside your body. The definition of peer pressure actually meaning other people forcing you to do something that you don't want you to do by putting pressuring you.'

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Q: What is the best topic sentence for peer pressure?
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What is a good research question on the topic peer pressure and conformity?

For peer pressure and conformity, a good question to ask might be "How are people affected by peer pressure?" or "How does the struggle to conform to societal standards change how a person acts?"

What is the best allegory essay topic?

You could write about love, peer pressure, or high school relationships

Allegorical topic examples whats a good allegorical topic?

love, peer pressure, karma, treat everyone equal..etc

How do you reduce negative peer pressure?

The best way is to ignore peer pressure. There is no reason to bend to what others want.

When does positive peer pressure usually occur?

Positive peer positive peer pressure always leads to positive things. Such as reading and bring out the best in you.

How do use peer in a sentence?

She started smoking due to peer pressure. OR (depending on the context) Let's peer round the door to see if they are there yet.

Who are the best people to help you with peer pressure?

The best people to help you with positive peer pressure are your parents. Pastors, councilors, educators, are also helpful.

What are the types of pressure?

They're 5 Kinds of Peer Pressure These are it ~ Negative Peer Pressure , Positive Peer Pressure , Heavy Peer Pressure , Indirect Peer Pressure , and Friendly Peer Pressure

Can peer pressure be a positive influence too?

Yes peer pressure can be a positive influence. This happens when it encourages you to bring out the best in you.

What influence does peer pressure gives you?

The best kind

Is teasing a peer pressure?

Yes, teasing is a peer pressure it is a negative peer pressure...

What are some of the typical forms of peer pressure?

Drug peer pressure, peer pressure related with alcohol, sexual peer pressure, and even peer pressure to break the law, are some of the most typical ones.