What is the best way to expand your army while maintaining economy in Ages of Empires II Ages of Kings?

There are several strategies for maintaining an economy and preparing an army. It depends on whether you're playing singleplayer or multiplayer, the map type, the objective, the civilization you're playing as, the tech level, starting resources, and the level of the AI or the experience of the rival player. There are many guides and expert players that can give you pointers on what you can do, such as the ones provided below:

  • Keep making villagers non-stop until the Castle age. They should be getting gold and food so you can make an army. I usually don't stop until I have at least 30 villagers.
  • Create villagers and send them straight to work. Then focus on a military, have a small amount of troops to protect from attacks. Next, focus on defense, build walls and towers, then go for a strong military and navy.
  • With all of the Age of Empire games, villagers should be built in very high numbers. More often than not, a giant incessant army will defeat a smaller tactical army, and to support that kind of mass troop building, you'll need anywhere from thirty to forty-five villagers.