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The best way to set up bee hives is to level a patch of ground in your backyard, raise the hive boxes on cinder blocks, buy beekeeping materials and put the bees in the hives.


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The best way to get rid of bee hives under a deck or anywhere is to spray the whole hive and area with dish soap or laundry detergent. The soap will coat their wings and they will not be able to fly and it will clog their thorax which is how they breathe.

The ones closest to their hives! Bees try to be efficient and will collect from the closest source of pollen. Bee keepers are very savvy about locating their hives in such a way as to take advantage of such things as orange groves and clover fields to create varietals with subtle flavors that add to the enjoyment of nature's sweetener.

Getting a bee stinger out is not easy. The best way to get out a bee stinger would be with a pair of tweezers.

If a bee can't find its hive it is in real trouble. A normal, healthy bee has a remarkable ability to navigate its way over many miles and back home. The only bees that can't find their way are the sick or injured ones. A bee that is physically prevented from getting back to its hive will die.

I have never met honey bee, so I wouldn't know.however, the way honey bees hide is by runnng off to their hives. however, they mostly just sting stuff when agitated, especially if in large numbers.

Bee stingers are small and can be hard to get out of a person body. The best way to get a bee stinger out would be with a pair of tweezers.

Scrape the bee sting off with a credit card or a drivers license. If that doesn't do try pulling it out . Find more out and type in " what is the best method for removing bee stings?"

Ammonia alone will not kill bees. The most effective way to get rid of bees is to have a professional bee-keeper collect the bees. If that is not possible, pick up sevin dust at your local lawn and garden center. Sprinkle this on the bee hive or nest.

You would treat it the same way as if it were regular hives. Most likely, you would use an epipen.

it depends which one you using the fist way is "bee" the second way is "be"

the best way is to get it appraised by someone

Take a credit card or something similar and brush it over the bee sting, it should get it out. That's what they teach you to do in the first aid training class.

Don't take any action that could annoy the bee. If you must, wear thick clothes and a hat/helmet with a mesh covering your head

The best way to tell a girl bee from a boy bee is to look at their eyes. Girl bees have large compound eyes that are separated by hair in the middle.

Well if you get stung by any type of bee wasp or etc, you could treat it with a hot clothe pin and some tobacco and for bee or wasp nest you should result to an professional or unless you are an professional.

The queen bee is the ruling bee (and the only female in the hive, by the way). If a person is "the queen bee," they run things wherever they are. They are treated as if they were actually royalty, and always get their own way.

the best way is to make something you would know but do it like this ex @d!3N

The Bee Gees are better all the way.Haley is better looking than the Bee Gees ;)

The only true way to stop this is to get rid of the hive. This can be dangerous though so it is safer to set up repellents around the house.

Wild bees will build a nest, preferably within a hollow in a tree. A beekeeper will provide an artificial home for his/her bees and this is called a hive. A group of hives is called an apiary. Either way, bees living in the same nest are known as a colony.

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Scrape it out using a thumbnail or the back of a knife or the edge of something like a credit card. A bee sting can continue injecting venom for up to a minute after the bee has gone, so the most important thing is to get the sting out as quickly as possible.

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